Thursday, July 4, 2013

In which....Happy 4th of July!

Happy July 4th!

Here in New York, it's really too hot to do much except hang out by the air conditioner....

John-John: "But that's the one thing I don't understand about you Americans - throwing perfectly good tea in the harbor like that."

Shel: "There's a little-known historical fact that they always leave out, sweetie. You see, the colonists specifically requested regular tea. But King George III, being, well, off his rocker and all, kept sending over shipments of decaf tea. After several shipments' worth, the colonists had - well, had enough. How anyone was awake enough to think of throwing it overboard, I don't know, but - there you have it."

John-John considered it for a moment. "Okay, at least that makes sense. But there's one other thing that kind of bugs me."

Shel looked at him. "What?"

"You know, Stephen Pastis was right. They didn't have air conditioning or deodorant back in those days, did they?"

"Uh - no, I don't think so..." I think both Shel and I were making mental notes to Google when deodorant was invented.

"And there was a heat wave in 1776?"

"That's what I've heard," Maddy said.

John-John looked thoughtful. "I guess the real Miracle in Philadelphia was that when they raised their arms to vote, no one passed out."

(Maddy's note - Stephen Pastis isn't the only one who wondered about that (in Pearls Before Swine.) It was the first thing I thought of back in school when our history teacher told us there was a nasty heatwave in Philly at the time... and a wave to Lady Aries, with whom I first had the tea party conversation, several years ago.)


 Emmaline has a new dress for the occasion...

"Ramona! Not in the house!"

Hope everyone has a very happy fourth! (With no saltwater iced tea!)

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