Friday, July 5, 2013

In which we learn a little more about Shel's previous life...

"Hey, Maddy? Has Shel ever told you anything about his former home that he hasn't told us?" We were at New Grace, an indeed new and very excellent Chinese restaurant, waiting on our order.

"No, he hasn't." Maddy looked around from getting mustard packets to go with the eggrolls. "He might have told John-John more, I don't know. I haven't asked. I figured he'd tell us when he's ready to."

I'm curious, I can't help it. It's how we Hittys are - at least, how this one is....


We went to a fireworks show last night, but Maddy didn't take any pictures. Well, she tried a couple, but they didn't come out. There's a trick to photographing fireworks, apparently, and she isn't sure what it is.

"I know you can't do it with a 110-Instamatic camera," she told us. "I blew an entire roll of film that way in Washington DC." She looked at her digital camera. "You have no idea how much I don't miss film cameras."


BTW, we've had hummingbirds buzzing the porch for the past three days, so Maddy got a feeder.


"Oh heck, how did that get in with your stuff? I'm sorry..." While Maddy was putting the feeder up, I was getting my stuff sorted out. I still haven't found my long-sleeved butterfly dress, but I'm still not worried.

"No big deal." I think it's Shel's shirt, but he and John-John borrow each other's stuff so much that I'm not sure whose is whose. I think it's really cute.

He took it. "It's kind of strange being one of the biggest dolls in the house. I used to be one of the smallest."

An opening! "How big were the others?"

"Mostly around thirty to thirty-six inches. My former person collected bigger dolls." He looked down. "I was sold with a female doll named Abigail. She was dressed as a flapper and I was in a 1920s-era tuxedo. I kind of wish I still had that outfit. Abigail didn't like me at all, even though we were supposed to be a couple. And as for me, well - you know. Anyway, my former person had several cowboy and cowgirl doll pairs, too, and one of the cowboys - well, I thought he loved me. He said he did. But then he'd get really angry about something and - well, take it out on me. With his fists. Then he'd apologize and swear he loved me and it wouldn't happen again and I always fell for it. Always. He could be so sweet. But then came the day he threw me down the steps and well - you know the rest."

"How could she have not suspected something?" The ever-adoring John-John had joined us by then. He'd only been over on the computer.

"He was always careful not to break stitches or anything else - until that day. And you know dolls don't bruise." Shel looked around. "She blamed me for it. I think even if he hadn't lied to her about it, she would have blamed me for it. I don't think she liked me very much." He sighed. "I don't think anyone liked me very much until I ended up here."

John-John hugged him. "Well, I love you."

That, I think, was my signal to give them a little privacy. I think I'm going to mention the 1920s-style tux to Maddy, though. I bet she can find a pattern for one.

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