Saturday, July 6, 2013

In which we find a old familiar book....

Maddy found a 1931 edition of Hitty, Her First Hundred Years on eBay. She said it was the same price as the new hardcover edition she bought awhile back.

It had been a birthday present for some little girl whose birthday was only a month after our ancestor Hitty's. Maddy thinks her name was Francis, but isn't sure.

"I used to ask for books when I was little," Maddy said. "That's why I have so many Nancy Drew books still." She still has a bunch of Nancy Drew and Three Investigators books from the seventies. I keep meaning to read some of them.

"Hey, this one has the color plates!" I hadn't seen those before. "Make me a skirt like that?"

"Maybe something like that." Maddy was looking longingly at the jasmine flowers. Her last Orleans Jasmine succumbed to an infestation of spider mites over the winter despite her best efforts.

I think Maddy's going to make me a dress kind of like this one.

I may not be mountain ash, but I like being one of the Hitty girls. It's a pretty awesome tradition to be part of....

Wait. Did I just call myself "traditional?" Eek....

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