Friday, July 19, 2013

In which it's the hottest day of the year and - are you SERIOUS?!!!?

Well, we've made it through the Long Hot Insane Week! Now all we have to do is get through the cold front that's due to blast through tomorrow in one piece....

Maddy was still a little antsy and restless after she got back from today's interview. She suggested that, despite the heat, we should go check out Hobby Lobby.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear....
Yes, this is what it looks like.

Four aisles and several freestanding displays worth of Christmas in July....

To be fair, a lot of it was really nice stuff. And yes, we did look. Maddy said that she bought Shel and John-John a little tree last year, so we looked for some small ornaments for it, but we didn't see anything. She said we could look for a little tree for me as it got closer to the actual season, but I think I'd rather find some pink ornaments for John-John and Shel's - if they don't mind sharing, that is.

Maddy found some awesome 80s-inspired earring hoops, though, and I found a pink remnant that will make an awesome dress.


Until the heat wave breaks, we have a special guest staying in the bedroom (and taking up about 90% of the available floor space.) Zaphod can't handle heat very well. Maddy was worried about him for awhile this afternoon because he was just stretched out on the top level, not moving. He's fine, though. At the moment he's stretched out under his wheel, snoring. Yes, snoring. He has two settings - "Off" and "High."

 John-John is still on Royal Baby Watch.

When Shel lets him concentrate, that is....

I posted this one to prove that yes, he does have eyes under all that hair. (For the record, Maddy gets asked the same question about herself....)

We might get to meet John-John's mom, sister and brother soon. They're coming over from England to visit, he said....

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