Monday, July 1, 2013

In which - rain, guitars, fabric shopping and some interesting news....

Really? REALLY?!

Yeah, really.....

I have a new sundress. If we ever see the sun again, I'll be ready. I love the mod circles print. I can pretend it's 1963 and I'm in London, heading out to see The least then all the rain kind of makes sense.

As much as I adore John Ashton, I have to admit that Pete Townshend is pretty awesome, too. Maddy's got a framed poster of The Who onstage and Pete's about six feet off the ground in it. I don't know how he could jump like that with an electric guitar. Those things are heavy. Maddy has one, so I know. (It's a Gibson, but Maddy said it's a really cheap one she got at the FYE store in the mall near her old office in Westchester. She doesn't know what it is other than "not a Les Paul or anything like that.")

Just in case....


This is the fabric I was thinking of that's kind of like the original Hitty's dress. Too bad it isn't pink.

"Caroline, you don't have to only wear pink, you know. There are other colors...."

"You think?"

"Or at least maybe not exclusively pink."


 I don't know. What do you all think?

"Now this rocks!"

"Yeah, and the print is bigger than you are..."


Shel, reading about Bleuette. Maddy encourages us to borrow her books. She says that everyone needs to keep learning and growing, even dolls.

Shel said his former person wasn't much of a reader and didn't encourage him or the other dolls to be. That's the most he's ever said about his old life. I have no idea what "other dolls" she had, or even who or what type of doll his abusive ex was.


And some interesting news - Emmaline heard from her grandmother, Hitty Devon, over the weekend. With the NHC predicting a nasty hurricane season, she and her husband Rafael are thinking of leaving Key West for New York. Maddy immediately emailed Devon back and said that of course they would be welcome here - just to let her know when they were coming. She (and I) think this would be good for Emmaline. Nothing's been decided yet, but stay tuned....

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