Meet the other "New York Dolls"

"In no particular order...."

Hitty Caroline (or just Caroline) is a 6.5" cloth doll who took her name from the Psychedelic Furs' "Pretty In Pink." (She knows the girl in the song is supposed to be kind of trashy, but the song was too awesome not to take her name from it.) She likes 80s bands, punk rock, classic rock, the paranormal, traveling, meeting new dolls (and humans!) Even though she has a boyfriend, she admits to having a huge crush on Psychedelic Furs guitarist John Ashton, who she thinks is even cuter now than he was in the 80s.

John Ashton Smith is Caroline's boyfriend. He's a paranormal investigator from Arkham, MA who used to work out of Miskatonic University's Paranormal Studies department. His maker intended him to be a toddler and had given him a name he refuses to divulge out of embarrassment. His colleagues at Miskatonic rechristened him John Ashton Smith after the aforementioned John Ashton (who his boss' secretary said he resembled) and paranormal writer Clark Ashton Smith.

Persephone Ashton Smith (aka Percy) is John's twin sister. They work together. Percy isn't a Hitty, but she greatly admires the intrepid wooden doll and her descendants, and has taken to wearing corals in their honor. She came to New York to help her brother on the case he was working when he met Caroline, and, like him, decided to stay. She claims her original given name is even more humiliating than John's was and refuses to divulge it.

Sheldon Dean Baylor, aka Shel, is the tallest doll in the group at 24". He hails from Arkham as well. Originally paired with a female flapper doll named Abagail, he was sold to a collector in Manhattan, where he fell in love with another doll, a cowboy named Avery. Avery proved to be a brutal and abusive boyfriend who finally landed poor Shel in the NYC Doll Hospital with a broken arm and a broken heart. Abandoned there by his person, he was given over to a seller at an indoor flea market upstate. Escaping the flea market, he was eventually found by Caroline's person Maddy, who promptly took him in, repaired his arm and adopted him.

John-John Kilburne is a sweet 17" Brit doll whose character had lived in Maddy's head for a long time before she was able to bring him to life. He's a hairstylist whose most recent escapade involved strand-testing Manic Panic dye - on himself - leaving him looking, in Caroline's words, like the sole survivor of an explosion at an M&Ms factory. The white streak in front, though, is all natural. He's the one who actually found Shel, injured, exhausted and barely conscious, and stayed with him while one of his friends ran to find Maddy. He and Shel are now engaged.

Hitty Valentine (Val) is Caroline's younger sister. She's a sweet and rather shy Hitty who loves Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters and all things romantically gothic.

Hitty Jade was Maddy's first Hitty, an adorable and shy Gail Wilson girl who sticks close to John-John Kilburne, who considers her his adopted little sister. She has an eye for color and style and can always be counted on to help the others pick just the right outfit for the right occasion.

Hitty Emmaline is a farm girl from Missouri. She came to New York after her grandmother, who'd retired from day-to-day management of the farm, decided her granddaughter needed to see more of the world. She's still adjusting to life outside the farm, but she's learning.

Sohalia is from Bhopal, India. She joined the Hudson Hittys and friends after helping Richard Morris' brother Tim find his way back home.

Tim Morris (left) and his older brother Richard were separated after being adopted by different people on eBay. Rich went to Arkham, MA and Tim went to Boulder, CO, where he was promptly shipped to India in anticipation of his new family's move there. However, the package was misaddressed and ended up in Bhopal instead of Bangalore. Tim and a companion, a plush rabbit named Edward, managed to escape and were rescued by Sohalia, who hid them out in the little souvenir shop she was for sale in until Tim could find Rich, who brought the three of them back to the States

Moriko joined the Hudson Hittys from Japan as part of an exchange doll program. She liked Japan but wanted to see more of the world and is looking forward to her new life in America.

Fawn is a 16" ball-jointed doll who joined Caroline and company all the way from the Wylde Kingdom in Colorado. Needing crutches to get around doesn't slow her down at all. Although technically not a changeling, she has learned a great deal about the Faerie Realms from living among pixies. She counts Alice In Wonderland and A Wrinkle In Time among her favorite books and, like Maddy, was pretty much blown away by the discovery that there is such a thing as a tesseract.
*Note - Fawn is from DollsTown, and she's a Seola-7, not a 13. (Thanks to Jane from Resin Cafe for all the great information!)

Aura is a deva, a nature spirit who comes from the Findhorn Gardens in Scotland. She started out tending larkspurs, them graduated to lettuce and then to garden peas, where she became the first deva to successfully communicate with the humans. She's a genuine free spirit, a deva who roams the highlands and moors and prefers a shoes-optional lifestyle, only wearing them when absolutely needed.

*Aura is a PukiFee Luna from Fairyland.

Daisy is a pixie who used to live out in the garden, until her little underground home caved in during a particularly rough winter. She escaped just in time and sought refuge in the house, where Caroline and company discovered her living in an old dollhouse downstairs and promptly invited her to join the family. She's since decided that being a house pixie is far better than being a garden pixie.

*Daisy is a PukiPuki Ante, also from Fairyland

Hawthorne is a pixie from Kansas City, MO. Emmaline, Caroline's adopted sister, has said that she's part pixie and part twister, which may in fact be accurate. She's very, very sweet, but very daring and always up for an adventure - or trouble.

*Hawthorne is a PukiPuki Flora, again from Fairyland.

Paisley is Aura's younger sister. While her sister tends to plants, Paisley looks after animals. She went from being a Larkspur Deva to a Rose Deva to a Mole Deva, then on to working with sheep and larger creatures. She says that if you think herding cats is hard, try herding moles. It took several tries to get them out of Peter and Eileen Caddy's garden at Findhorn - only to have a group of them move into the garden of the caravan next door. It took some help from a couple of other devas to get them all to move into the nearby field.

Paisley is a Fairyland Pukifee Mio.

Scaramouche is a Music Deva from New York City. She started out as the deva brought into existence to protect a small tree in Queens, where she first encountered an aspiring musician and fashion designer named Sylvain Mizrahi - better known as Sylvain Sylvain. She accompanied the New York Dolls on both their ill-fated European tour and later to Bearsville, NY, where they recorded their first album. Friends with many of the New York bands who followed, she eventually wound up back in Bearsville - where her pet salamander, Charlotte, had the honor of being photographed with Caroline's "Woodstock fella," John Ashton.

And for the record, she has indeed met Queen. She says Freddie Mercury was one of the biggest sweethearts ever.

Scaramouche is a Fairyland Shiwoo in Beautiful White - the others are in Natural.

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