Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In which - Happy Birthday, Tom Baker! (The fourth Doctor (Who,) that is!)

"Uh, Doctor...." The Lady Madrigal Baker, better known as Maddy, looked around in bewilderment. Although really, given the steering on the Doctor's Type-40 TARDIS, she should have expected something like this. "This isn't Bellemar."

"So it isn't." Even the Doctor had to admit that he's been expecting sun, sand and beaches, not buildings....

Starring Paisley as the character my person's screen-and-nickname comes from, the Lady Madrigal Baker, and the fourth Doctor as himself...

Happy birthday, Tom Baker! Here's to many more!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In which - random photos!

So we're doing A Doll A Day on Flickr. Check out some of the photos.

The theme here was "Bright." But click on the photo and check out the cute little feathered photobomber outside.

Someone is threatening to file a formal protest with the ASPCA over getting her cage "Change"-d.

And this is why you shouldn't get "in between" a guinea pig and her food bowl.

Paisley: "Will you wait until I put the food in your bowl before you trample everyone to get to it?"

(No Hittys were harmed in the making of this photo.)

"New" year, new dress and that awesome new CD. And why is it so hard to find pink rocketship print fabric? Can't a girl be a space geek? Just sayin'.....

"Black and White." Not like there was much else in the way of color to begin with. One, it's January, and two, Scaramouche's wardrobe is almost as monochromatic as Maddys.....

"Dark." At least Aura didn't have to spend forty-five minutes sitting on a glass macaw for this one....

And last one for today - "Close Up." What can I say? Scaramouche is almost as much of a rock star as I am. Heck, she's almost as much of a rock star as John Ashton is.....

Here's the link if you're interested: A Doll a Day 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie


Maddy, Caroline's person here.

I want to be serious just for a moment.

Like I've alluded to before, I did aspire to be a journalist "once upon a time." I studied Public Relations and Media in college, with a minor in Sociology.

And I really did want to be the first reporter reporting live from the space shuttle someday. Or the moon. Or heck, Mars.....

But then Challenger happened and life happened and we still haven't gone to Mars and, truthfully, I think Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper would be far more qualified than I to report live from either Mars or the moon.

But I do want to say one thing.

I believe in respecting others' beliefs. It doesn't matter whether or not you agree with them. We need to respect one another.


No matter how much someone insults you or what you believe, no matter what they say - or write - or draw - they have the right to express their opinion. You, likewise, have the same right to express your opinion, to ignore them, to engage in a thoughtful discussion, or to call them an effing douchecanoe and question just how closely their parents were related. Not that I'm advocating the last option, but you do have it.

But nobody has the right to take another's life for it.

I may not agree with what others say, but I'll defend their right to say it to the ends of the earth.

I won't defend it to the death, though. Because words and pictures are not something anyone should ever have to die for.