Thursday, July 31, 2014

In which Scaramouche makes someone else do the fandango......

So anyway....

We were hanging out getting some fresh air and talking when....

This happened.


"Look at all you little loser babies playing with humans! You think you're so hot---"

"Tori, go away. You're not welcome here. The Faeire Council even said..."


""I don't think so, you stupid little pixie punk! Nobody tells me what to do..."


Mind you, this all happened in about half a minute at most....

"Uh - Scaramouche! How long have you been...?"

"Long. Enough."

"All right, all right, I'm going, I'm going! Don't tell the Council on me...."

"You're going, all right. And if you ever show your ugly little face around here again, you're going to wish it was the Council you were dealing with. Now get out of here!"

"You okay, girlfriend? Nobody messes with a New York devas friends. No-freaking-body."

Daisy was fine. Mad more than anything. I think if she'd had a chance to get to her feet before Scaramouche arrived, Tori would have been the one who needed saving.

"Missed you guys so much...."

"I don't usually make that kind of an entrance. But she shouldn't be back. She knows she's not supposed to leave the Seelie Court unescorted. It's that bad."

One New York doll to another - I like this deva. A lot.

New York dolls - and devas -  always know how to make an entrance.

Note: Scaramouche is a Pukifee Shiwoo in Beautiful White. And she was totally worth the wait. She's even more stunning in real life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In which everyone's back and then some.....

A partial family portrait - clockwise (sort of) from 8 PM, it's Emmaline, Shel, John-John, Fawn, Paisley, Aura, Daisy, Hawthorne, John Ashton Smith and yours truly.

Aura got back just before noon yesterday, along with her little sister Paisley and the aforementioned Hawthorne. They had to come up from the city and just missed all the horrible weather. We were on the very edge of it here - we got some thunder, some lightning, a LOT of rain, but not the high winds and hail. Actually, we've had nothing but rain and humidity and murk since Saturday, which is why you see laundry in the back of some of the photos. Maddy doesn't have a dryer and has almost five days worth of laundry to contend with. It's better than no rain at all, though.

Like Aura, Paisley started out as a Larkspur Deva in the Findhorn Caravan Park, which is now the Findhorn Garden. She told me the most important thing for any deva is following his or her heart. Although they're brought into existence to care for a particular plant or animal, not all of them stay with their first charge. Aura became a Lettuce Deva and Paisley was a Rose Deva for awhile before she started working with sheep.

By the way, Aura is now a Highlands Deva (more or less a general nature spirit) and Paisley is an Animal Deva. She had to ask a young squirrel to leave and not mess with the laundry -twice.

Aura said she doesn't think she's going to travel by land like that again - at least, not overseas.

"I'll never get used to those airplanes humans have," she said.

If poor Emmie was expecting a quiet little Missouri pixie, she was in for a bit of a surprise.

Hawthorne is really super sweet, but she's also got the energy of your average EF-5 tornado.

Daisy's a lot quieter, but they hit it off well right away. Hawthorne, like Daisy, was training with a Rain Deva to learn to read the weather.

Speaking of tornadoes, Aura said she has to agree with one famous movie starring one - "there's no place like home!"

(Note - Paisley is a PukiFee Mio and Hawthorne is a PukiPuki Flora. And don't ask me why Aura's hair looks so blue in some of those photos.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In which we await Aura and a pixie....

Weirdest radar signature ever, IMHO. It went from nothing to this in about five minutes last night. And it was every bit as nasty as it looks. We were lucky not to lose power.

Today is not so bad, although we still have a severe thunderstorm watch until 10 PM.

Emmaline joined us for a little fresh air. I don't say sun because sun isn't any better for us dolls than it is for humans.

Daisy came out a few minutes later. "I just talked to Aura."

"Is she coming back soon?" Fawn said. Our favorite purple-haired deva is back at Findhorn temporarily.

"She said late this week or early next, she hopes. She can't travel by thought because she's bringing someone with her."

"Scaramouche?" I said.

"No, a pixie." Daisy sounded excited. "She told me her name is Hawthorne and she's from Missouri."

"Did she say from where?" Emmie said.

"Kansas City, I think. Aura said she - Hawthorne, I mean - used to hang out a lot with a band called the Rainmakers. Kind of appropriate, really, because she's been training with a weather deva named Tempest."

"Oh." I think Emmie was hoping Hawthorne was from somewhere closer to where she lived, which was near a place called Warrington, I think. "Devas control the weather?"

"Not really. They read it and warn the plants and animals in their care so they can prepare. Tempest is one of the best. I trained with her, too." Daisy is very good. She warned Maddy not to plug everything back in and hook up the router and WiFi when it looked like the storms were going to miss us last night. Which was a good thing with all the lightning.

"How do you know what's coming?" Emmie said.

"We can feel it. Pixies are more sensitive to changes in the atmosphere than most humans or dolls. It took humans a long time to figure out how to predict a tornado, for example, because they just can't feel it the way we can. We can feel the electric charge in the air and the pressure falls within the storm, and feel the wind turning in the cloud. But we're like humans with their Doppler radar - we can't tell if the tornado is on the ground until we see it. All we can really sense is the vortex in the cloud."

(BTW, it was actually illegal to try to predict tornadoes at one point - read the story here. Of course, to be fair, at that time, they really couldn't. I found a book from around 1978 called "Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us" that talked about tornadoes, but even then they had no idea how they formed.)

And Daisy's little dragon is a Deb Canham original from Norm's Dollhouse. The link is on the sidebar of the blog.