Thursday, July 31, 2014

In which Scaramouche makes someone else do the fandango......

So anyway....

We were hanging out getting some fresh air and talking when....

This happened.


"Look at all you little loser babies playing with humans! You think you're so hot---"

"Tori, go away. You're not welcome here. The Faeire Council even said..."


""I don't think so, you stupid little pixie punk! Nobody tells me what to do..."


Mind you, this all happened in about half a minute at most....

"Uh - Scaramouche! How long have you been...?"

"Long. Enough."

"All right, all right, I'm going, I'm going! Don't tell the Council on me...."

"You're going, all right. And if you ever show your ugly little face around here again, you're going to wish it was the Council you were dealing with. Now get out of here!"

"You okay, girlfriend? Nobody messes with a New York devas friends. No-freaking-body."

Daisy was fine. Mad more than anything. I think if she'd had a chance to get to her feet before Scaramouche arrived, Tori would have been the one who needed saving.

"Missed you guys so much...."

"I don't usually make that kind of an entrance. But she shouldn't be back. She knows she's not supposed to leave the Seelie Court unescorted. It's that bad."

One New York doll to another - I like this deva. A lot.

New York dolls - and devas -  always know how to make an entrance.

Note: Scaramouche is a Pukifee Shiwoo in Beautiful White. And she was totally worth the wait. She's even more stunning in real life.

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