Saturday, August 2, 2014

In which we're summoned to a meeting....

So - yesterday we received a message by Sparrow Post (I didn't think they were still around - I thought they'd been taken over by Airborne Express!) requesting our presence at a meeting with a member of the Faeire Court in regards to the "incident" on the 31st.

We arrived at the rock on the verge of the woods a little ahead of time. Scaramouche was a little suspicious, but said she didn't think they'd try anything funny in the presence of the devas.

"Pixies and fairies never have gotten along well," she explained. "And we devas have our own problems with them."

"Why?" I said.

"One of the few absolute rules devas have is that you never harm an innocent third party to get back at someone else," she said. "If we have a problem with you, we'll take it up with you directly. We won't harm your animals or your family to make our point. But fairies  - well, some of them won't hesitate to do stuff like lead all your sheep off a cliff to their death or chase your horse into a bog and cause it to break a leg in order to strand you. And then there's the whole business with changelings. If you're going to take another into your care, that means you care for it - you don't just forget about it when you get bored with the joke and abandon it - whatever it is. You take responsibility for your actions and don't harm others."

"Not all of them are like that. Not at all," Aura said. "It's just a few. But you can't always be sure who you're dealing with."

"Like the Firefly fairies. They're good fae," Scaramouche added. "Plus they're a blast to hang out with. Never met one of them I didn't like...."

"Somebody's coming!" Paisley said.

"I'm Azalea, Adjunctator of the High Faeire Court. Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice."

She sat down with us. "First, I want to apologize on behalf of the Court for Toriena's actions. She's been placed in custody and will be charged with assault and violation of an Order of Restriction. I needed to get a victim's statement from Daisy and witness statements from each of you regarding what happened."

"Not to start an argument with you, but Tori did start it." Aura said. "We were just minding our own business when she came up and started with all her garbage...."

"She did. And your actions were entirely justified," Azalea said. "In fact, Scaramouche showed more restraint than I would have under those circumstances."

She took statements from each of us, but said we would not need to be present at the sentencing. She also said she would keep us updated on the outcome.

Paisley said that sounded like it would be the end of that, but Aura and Scaramouche weren't so sure.

"I think we can trust Azalea," Aura concluded after she left.

"She's cousins with the firefly fairies," Scaramouche agreed. "She's fine. If I'd known it was her, I wouldn't have been so concerned. But Tori's family is from those old-school backwoods fairies you just can't trust. I doubt we're heard the last from her...."

Note: Azalea is a Resinsoul Mei in Light Tan. She's been part of the doll family for about two and a half months, but only recently revealed her name and character to me.

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  1. Wow, what a positive productive council - TiGGy is very honored at your high regard for Firefly Fairys, they do try to bring a little Glow into every situation, and she is also very proud to have Azalea as a Fae Cousin. Hope things go smoother from here - they all looked so precious and attentive for the meeting ~ LuV, TiGGy