Sunday, July 14, 2013

In which it's Sunday night....

Not a whole lot going on this weekend - which isn't necessarily bad, per se....

Maddy has the Paulette Morrissey book (I think she has one of the only spiral-bound versions)  and is trying her hand at making a polymer clay doll. She has arms and legs ready to go, but ran into a couple of small problems with the body and head. Well, one big one, really - the neck totally broke off when she was trying to form the head around it. She thinks that either 30 minutes wasn't enough time in the craft oven (she's using Fimo Puppen) and/or the clay was still too warm when she started working with it. She said she's going to try it again and reinforce the neck this time. The other, smaller problem is that she realized that she was going to have to wait until her set of silicone-tipped tools comes in from eBay to work on the face. The tools she uses for making beads and stuff just aren't what she needs for that sort of detail work. (Although she did remark that some of her texture plates had motifs that might make awesome tattoos. I wonder if she'd object to me getting one? She shouldn't - she has a butterfly on her leg.)

I also have a feeling that she might have to wait until after the upcoming heat wave breaks, too. The house doesn't have central air, and the dining room, which serves as her craft/sewing/everything but actually sitting at the table and eating room is the warmest room in the house. She's been known to have the back patio door cracked open in midwinter just to get some air.


I bought another book on blogging today. It kind of had me wondering if I'm doing it wrong for awhile there.

"You're not a tech blogger," John-John pointed out. "You already have your niche."

"Which is---?" I wasn't sure wha he was getting at.

"Your life story. Our life stories," he said.

I hope that's good.....


Maddy found the Phoenician beads she got awhile back at the place in Cold Spring. She said they were two thousand years old. They're kind of odd-looking, but very cool. I wonder what kind of stories they'd have to tell if they could speak?

She has some Roman glass beads that are about a thousand years old, too. Especially interesting since I've been reading about the Roman emperors and some of the weird - and nasty - things they did. Some of it is pretty funny, though. Caligula appointing his horse to the Roman senate, for one. (Maddy said that the horse was probably better qualified in the first place.) Then there was Commodous, who renamed not only Rome itself, but the Roman Legion, the Roman Navy, the Romans themselves and just about everything else, including the months of the year, after himself. Narcissistic, much?

Well, back to reading more about blogging....

*And an update: the Hittygirls auctions have raises $2,073.96 for Moore, OK! Way to go, Erin!*

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