Monday, July 22, 2013

In which John-John gives us all a scare....

"I'm putting the air conditioner back in. It's humid all of a sudden..." Maddy had the vent back in and was turning on the A/C.


This probably explains the humidity.

"Was that thunder?" Maddy hurried to unplug the router as Shel unplugged her laptop for her.

Seconds later....


That was waaaaaay too freaking close.....

Maddy came back in. "Just in time. I got everything unplugged just before that happened. Hey, where's John-John?"

"I thought he was with you." Shel looked guilty. "Ohmigod..."

"Shel, calm down. I'm sure he's right here. John-John?"


He wasn't in the computer/everything else room...


Not in the living room....

"Where did he go?" Shel was starting to freak out. I think Maddy was, too, but she didn't show it.

"I looked in here." she said.

"What if he ran outside?" Shel looked around fearfully. It was still pouring.

"He didn't leave the house. We'll find him," Maddy reassured him. 

He wasn't in the other bedroom....

Still, it was a good forty-five minutes before Maddy finally opened the hall closet to look for a flashlight...

"John-John?! Baby, ohmigod, we were looking all over for you!" 

I have no idea how he got in there without us hearing the door open and close. 

I'd make a bad joke about getting him out of the closet, but we were all too glad to see him. He was still absolutely terrified and crying. 

"Baby, ohmigod, I was so scared!" Shel hugged him tight. It took a few minutes before he really started to calm down.

"I'm sorry...." John-John finally sniffled. "I just got so scared..."

"How did you even get in there?" Maddy said.

"It was open a little," he said. "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me..."

"Baby, it's okay. Nobody's mad. Just please don't hide like that again," Shel said, hugging him.

Poor baby. I wonder if there are phobia therapists for dolls...

(Maddy's note - the lightning bolt photo is from the Weather Channel's site. I didn't get a photo of this evening's epic lightning bolt.)


  1. Poor John-John. I hope he's all recovered this morning, after the storm. I've never met a phobia therapist for dolls, though we did have one for the stuffies here - Tycho and the Dog Psychologist But I don't think a dog psychologist is quite what John-John needs (and Tycho had a different phobia anyway). Good luck and I hope he's okay!!

  2. Gage is too cute. Caroline got John-John to talk about it a little more this afternoon - he's okay for now, as long as we don't get another storm.

    And I just about hit the ceiling myself yesterday when that bolt of lightning hit so close by. I'm not too crazy about thunderstorms, either.