Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In which diet Dr. Pepper becomes a weapon of mass destruction....

Today started out quietly. John-John, our resident Brit, is on Royal Baby Watch. He might not like Camilla, but he adores Kate.

He and Maddy are betting that she's going to have a girl and that they'll name her Diana. Shel thinks they'll name her Charlotte or Elizabeth. Personally, I think Caroline would be a lovely name.

It was fairly pleasant for a little while this morning, but by noon it was, once again, hot hot hot.

Maddy had an appointment in Poughkeepsie this afternoon - one of the rare times she didn't bring me along. I didn't really mind. I was spending the time sorting through my clothes deciding what to wear when - BANG!

It sounded like an M-80 went off in the kitchen, but when John-John, Shel and I got there, we couldn't see anything out of place.

Nope, nothing here. And nothing obviously amiss in the cabinets or under the sink. It was a little bit worrisome....

Shel tried to check the fridge, but he couldn't get the door open.

John-John and I didn't do any better. All we could do at that point was wait for Maddy to get back. Luckily, she got back at least an hour earlier than she expected to.

"Oh boy..." she said when we told her what had happened. "I bet I know what it was."

Shel's guess about the fridge turned out to be correct.

"Oh great...." Maddy said it reminded her of the scene in Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega accidentally shot the guy in the back of the car.

That must be one heck of a weird movie....

This was the culprit.

Maddy had turned the fridge way up thanks to the heatwave we're having, and one of the soda cans froze. Apparently this is what they do when that happens.

All we could do was offer moral support while she cleaned up.

*Maddy's note: it seems like diet Dr. Pepper is the only soda that goes critical mass like that when it freezes. Makes me wonder exactly what those famed 23 ingredients are...*

Anyway, the Kitchen Missile Crisis was averted and right now we're awaiting the premiere of the new season of Coast Guard Alaska. John-John is trying to read about digital dSLRs, but I don't think Shel is letting him concentrate.

Those two really, really need to set a date already...

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