Sunday, July 7, 2013

In which we discuss the varying degrees of awesome in fan fiction....

....who might then link to your deathless prose...

"Hey, Maddy? What's "deathless prose?" I'd read that a bit earlier in one of the books on blogging we bought today and now I was wondering.

"Just a weird old expression." She looked around. "I don't know about it. It kind of makes me think of zombies blogging or something. Zomblogs."

"That might be awesome," I said. I was rereading the description of the original Hitty's Charles Dickens outfit. I'd love to have it in pink, but Maddy looked at me like I was slightly nuts when I suggested it. I think it had more to do with her self-perceived lack of sewing ability than anything else.

"Awesome with zombies," Maddy agreed. "Did World War Z open yet?"

I had no idea. "Would that be awesome with Brad Pitt and zombies?"

"That's a whole other degree of awesome. Now all we need is ninjas," Maddy said. "Awesome with zombies and ninjas. And Brad Pitt."

"Okay, so how about with ninja zombies?"

"I think it would be more awesome if Brad Pitt were the ninja fighting the zombies."

"How about with John Ashton instead?"

"Instead of what?" She looked around.

"Brad Pitt."

"Okay, wait. John Ashton as a ninja fighting zombies?!"

"Yeah! Now that would be awesome," I said. "With unicorns!"

"Wait. John Ashton as a ninja---"

"In black leather."

"Wait, what? John Ashton as a ninja in black leather fighting zombie unicorns?"

"No, the unicorns are separate. They're on his side."

"Are the unicorns wearing black leather, too?"

"They could. And me of course as the girl he rescues and falls in love with. Of course, I'm a butt-kicking ninja, too and I can usually hold my own against any zombie, but not a bazillion of them."

"Wait, why are we trashing zombies? I thought Ghoulia and you were friends."

"We are. But she'll be the first to admit that not all zombies are as cool as she is."

"So she's on---"

"Our side, exactly. She's a zombie double agent."

"Oh man..." Maddy shook her head. "That sounds like something I would have come up with once upon a time."

"Did you?"

"No, just the double agent part. I got it in my head once that I was going to write a spy thriller. Well, my friends loved it, they all read it and begged me to keep writing it. Even a couple of the teachers thought it was great. There was just one problem."


"They thought I was writing a parody of a spy thriller, but I wasn't. At least, not intentionally."

"What did you do?"

"What could I do? I went with it. At least they wanted to read it."



Maybe I should change the title of this blog to Hitty Caroline: Zombie Hunter....

Maddy: Or not.

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