Thursday, July 11, 2013

In which it's a quiet Thursday evening....

I'm pleased (and John-John was quite relieved) to report that the nasty line of storms mostly fell apart before it reached us around midnight. We only got some rain. And this is the first time in over a week that we've had the air conditioner off and the windows open. The only downside is that with the air conditioner no longer drowning out the phone, Maddy keeps having to tell the same telemarketer she isn't interested....

Maddy's not happy with the way this came out, but Samantha is. I keep reminding her (Maddy, I mean) that she hasn't sewn for someone four and a half inches tall before.

Maddy also said I need a raincape, but she's going to have to do the hood differently because of my hair. She said she also ordered me a pink umbrella. She thought she might be able to find me a pink Harley where she got the umbrella, but apparently Barbie's ginormous collection of stuff didn't include her Dream Harley. We looked on eBay, too, but didn't find anything - although I wonder if Barbie knows her boyfriend is into posing for pictures in leather chaps and nothing else?

(Maddy's note - this may be a side of Ken I really didn't want to know about....)

Maddy had to get some stuff at Lowe's today, so she bought an outlet strip with a super-long cord to replace the one we found floating in the puddle caused by the air conditioner flood of a couple of weeks ago. Now she can plug her CD player back in.

"You know, I put that little plug in a bag and tied it to the power cord so I wouldn't forget to replace it - and of course, I ignored it," she said.

"Okay, smiles, you two...."

Shel, looking at the photo: "My hair looks weird."

John-John: "What's this little thing in the corner here?"

Maddy, looking at the display: "My battery about to run down...."

Given that she hasn't charged it since Woodstock, that's pretty good.

I think she was looking at dSLRs on Amazon, but given how green she turned at the prices, I think they're a little out of her reach right now....

It's not a wooden sea chest with my name picked out in nails, but it's still awesome.

Ever wonder what baby spiders look like? Maddy said they'll be long gone by the time it gets cold enough to have to bring the plant in, so she left them alone.

Camera's charging, all is quiet and as soon as I get done here I'm borrowing Maddy's DVD of the Furs and watching the video for "Heaven' for about the three bazillionith time. I think I'm getting the hang of Thursdays....

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