Monday, July 15, 2013

In which it's just another manic Monday....

"Six o' clock already? I was just in the middle of a dream,
I was kissing John Ashton by a crystal blue Italian stream..."


He's waaaaaaay cuter than that Valentino dude, okay?

Seriously, this morning was weird. We totally - and I mean totally - lost our internet connection for most of it. Maddy was worried that the person she had a phone interview with might have sent her a file, but she got online just in time enough to discover that she hadn't. (And she scored an in-person for later this week, only to have someone else contact her to schedule another interview for something else for the day before. She said she wishes she had a lighter-weight interview suit, but she isn't complaining....)

And if you check out the "Fun Sites" you'll see that I'm, ahem, on Facebook now....

We wanted to take some pictures outside with all the lovely summer flowers, but the local mosquitoes are apparently in the midst of an emergency blood drive. I would like to say that at least they leave us dolls alone, but one tried to bite poor John-John. The flowers are loving the heat wave, by the way.

These next two photos illustrate what happens when you're not fast enough to photograph that adorable  bumblebee....

Maddy got her silicone shaper tools in today. Now we wait for it to get cool enough to actually start shaping something.

I hope "shaping something" involves fixing the pink dress you see in the photo. I'm happy with it; Maddy isn't. She says she screwed up one of the sleeves.

This is Maddy's sun conure, Bonnie, who isn't happy. She's not allowed out of her cage when the attic fan is on, and it's been on most of the day. (Her wings are kept clipped, but Maddy takes no chances.) Normally she's allowed out to play on top of her cage whenever someone's home. 

Maddy told her she should just be glad it's fan season and not snow shovel season. Bonnie does NOT like snow shovels.

I got my pink umbrella in today. Isn't it awesome? It works like a full-sized one. I think it's even waterproof.

Maddy has a purple umbrella, but said she doesn't have the fifty-cent hat to go along with it. I'm not exactly sure what she meant by that....

*Maddy's note - the umbrella came from Joe's List. He has a lot of nice stuff. The umbrellas themselves are here: UMBRELLAS


  1. Yikes! That does sound like kind of a weird day. How surprised/disappointed must the mosquito who tried to bite John-John have been?

    Found you on Facebook! I can't wait to hear what you think of it. And I think your dress looks fine. You can't see anything wrong with the sleeve at all. *shrug* Companions are funny about stuff like that sometimes.

    Later, 'gator!

  2. Hey, Miranda! I have a feeling this whole week is going to be a little weird. Not sure if it's the heat wave or what...