Monday, July 8, 2013

In which we share yet more random photos....

                                                                      Maddy: No. Absolutely not....

Me: You're no fun. What if I put it on autopilot?

Maddy: Cars don't have autopilot.

Me: Then what does the switch behind me do?

Maddy: That's cruise control. It's not the same thing as autopilot....

This is the actual first picture of me that Maddy ever took on the day she made me - February 5. 2013. You can still see the purple air marker on my nose. My hair was totally different, too - and a lot shorter.

Is it just me, or does that dress make me look fat?
(And yes, that plant in the terrarium behind me is like, totally dead. Maddy just didn't want to admit it. I'm not sure what they are, but she's killed three of them. Even green thumbs have off days.)

Me and Valentine, proving that even dolls have really bad hair days. The only pink dress around the house at the time was Ramona's, and I didn't want to take it.

Me, Jade, Ramona and Val showing off some early dresses Maddy made. She's gotten a lot better at it since she made these, although the one Val has on came out lovely. (I don't think the others are bad, but Maddy does. And that darn leather-look lame jacket I have on in the picture faded all over everything....)

 Hitty Catherine, me, Emmaline and Ramona. This was Emmaline's first full day as a Hudson Hitty. At this point we were totally socked in by the backlash from Winter Storm Saturn. Emmie arrived just in time. Otherwise, she would probably have been stuck at the post office over the weekend. (Maddy has a box, so she has to fetch the mail herself.)

Me in the butterfly dress that I can't find right now. I'd talked John-John into putting a pink streak in my hair. I should point out that Maddy needle-felted the penguins herself. She loves penguins. Especially emperors. And especially the little baby emperors. She says they're the cutest baby animals on the planet. I think she may be right. (And no, the big penguin is an Adele, not an emperor....)

Me and Val wearing dresses Maddy made. This is after the first redo of my hair. These dresses came out really well.

My sundress with the circle skirt....

One of the pictures Maddy took for the first post of my blog. My hair kept blending into the background, so she put her CD of Midnight To Midnight behind me, because it was white.

I know I get a little obsessive about music, but I'm like Maddy - I live for it. She told me she made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to start a band back in the 80s, but finally settled for writing stories about bands instead - first fanfiction and later, her own stories.

One of Maddy's "Christmas" cacti, blooming in April.

John-John and Shel, getting cozy amid the daffodils. They're two of the sweetest dolls any Hitty could ever hope to share a home with.

Okay, this has nothing to do with me, but it's a really awesome shot. I think Maddy took it where she used to work.

I really wish Maddy wouldn't get an iced coffee drink-thingy when we're out. It sort of takes up all the Hitty space...

"If you think I'm magical
cause roses bloom with my touch
Well, magic's just not practical
I think you think too much...."

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