Saturday, June 1, 2013

In which it's really too hot to do anything...

(Yes, I reformatted my blog - what do you all think? I love the font - it's very Tim Burton-esque, isn't it?)


"Me and my big mouth..." Shel grumbled, looking at the thermometer. "I'm not going to complain about it being too cold again."

"if the house would cool off, it wouldn't be bad," Maddy said. The 71F is the outside temperature. Unfortunately, the 81F is the indoor temperature - at 9:55 PM. "Besides, there's got to be some happy medium between needing to go around wrapped in blankets and it being too hot to wear clothes." (Disclaimer: despite what she said, she is indeed wearing clothes as we speak!)

"Didn't Mars Hill play sax for the Psychedelic Furs?" Val said. She was looking at the TV, where Warren Madden was detailing a severe thunderstorm warning for Maine - Presque Isle, Mars Hill....

"Mars Williams," Pinky said. "But that was later on. Duncan Kilburn was their original sax player."

Emmaline, meanwhile, was looking uncomfortably at the computer. John-John had hooked up the speakers and was playing the aforementioned Psychedelic Furs. "I don't know about that song..."

"Into You Like A Train?" I said. "I think it's hilarious."

Maddy laughed. "Years ago, when I first got the album, I took one look at that title and said to the friend I was with, "Let me guess - Richard Butler write this one on the subway." A few years later, I was reading an interview and he said, "I had the "into you" part and I was on the subway at the time, so, like a train..." Too funny..."

 "Isn't that the one that a couple of your friends called the train song?" Pinky said. 

"Yeah. They wouldn't even say the title out loud," Maddy said.


Maddy said she'll be glad when it cools off after tomorrow and she can get this thing out of the middle of the floor. And kids, don't try this at home. John-John's a trained professional...

Maddy has adopted two Woodlee Junction dolls. She's also hoping to adopt a Little Mo Hitty for our growing family as well. 

Never too hot to snuggle....


All of us here want to give a quick shout-out to Mike Bettes and the Weather Channel Tornado Chase crew. For those who haven't heard, their chase vehicle was blown off the road and rolled by a tornado in Oklahoma last night. Thankfully, everyone is going to be all right. 

And a big thank you to all the storm chasers out there helping to keep everyone informed and safe!

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