Saturday, June 8, 2013

In which we go bead shopping and find out it's World Doll Day, too....

"So, can I drive on the way back?"


'How about steer? Promise not to crash."


She never lets me do anything. "Okay, can I at least pick the CD?"


And that, my friends, is the secret to negotiating. Start high and work your way down to what you really want....although I really did want to drive.

By the way, this is how we usually roll on a road trip  - provided Maddy doesn't get an iced coffee somewhere along the way.

T.S. Andrea was on her way to Nova Scotia by this time and the clouds were breaking. I Dream Of Beading is in an odd place - an office park with a library, the VA office, a Montessori school, an eye doctor and I think an oral surgeon. Maddy said that it took her an hour to find it the first time. (It's not her sense of direction. It's called the Freedom Road Office Park and lists an address of Freedom Road, but it's not actually on Freedom Road, which is a road about five miles east of the office park. No, Maddy doesn't understand that, either.)

Like any big sister worthy of the title, I'm showing my little (Mo) sister around. Emilee stayed home with Val.

And yes, that is who you think it is in that photo in Maddy's bag. She was planning on going to Joann's to look for a jacket pattern like the one John's wearing in the photo, but realized her 40% coupon is for next weekend. Like she said, 40% is 40%.....

When we got back, Alexis asked us if we'd heard that it's also World Doll Day. We hadn't.

So Maddy decided a little sewing was in order.

She apologized to Leonora for it not coming out as well as Paulette's dresses, but Leonora loves it. The color is perfect on her, don't you think? It's made from Paulette's easy dress pattern.

Leonora and the Woodlee girls talked Emmaline into at least trying on this dress Maddy got awhile back. Turns out Leonora also has an eye for color and style.

 Robin and I approve...

And take it from a doll - you're probably pickier about our clothes than we are. Odds are we're going to love it even if you think it's not perfect. So don't stress about it so much. Okay?

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