Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In which I realize my person is not normal....

"They're here! They're here - wait. What's all this?"

"It's some stuff I ordered from Etsy last week. I told you, tomorrow or Friday." Maddy said, unpacking the box.

Okay, people shouldn't be getting stuff in when you're waiting for your friends to arrive. Not cool.

"Okay, enlighten me. Why did you buy someone's broken window?" I said.

"It's sea glass."


"Glass that's been in the ocean, so it's all weathered."

"Okay...." The words Gawd why were coming to mind.

"It's decorative," Maddy said, reading my thoughts. "See?"

If she says so. I still don't know why she wants to decorate the house with a broken car window, though.

"Okay, so what are these?"

"Fuses. I'm going to use them making jewelry."


Sometimes I really really don't understand humans....

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