Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In which Emmaline can't find anything to wear....

"Are they going to be here tomorrow?" I asked anxiously.

"Caroline, the tracking information hasn't updated yet. Be patient." Maddy looked around.

Yeah, right. I've seen this girl when she's waiting for something like a old music mag from eBay with a particularly hot picture of John Ashton. She's even more impatient than I am. (But then again, we are talking about John Ashton here! No offense to Roger Morris, but I for one am really glad that Richard Butler and company decided to keep the cute guitarist all those years ago....hey, a doll can crush on someone, can't she?)


And these two really need to set a date...

"Oh man..." John-John was looking over my shoulder. "Am I really coming that unstitched?"

I looked. "No. You look fine." Apparently the camera not only adds ten pounds, it also adds loose threads.

"You're not coming unstitched," Maddy said. "It's the overstitching." She had to reinforce the seam under his chin with a hand-stitched row, and sometimes it shows.


"So what do you think?"

"I hate it."

"Emmaline! Maddy just made that."

"But it's not...it's too bright...."

I don't know about this girl....

You be the judge, but I like it on her. She looks almost as pretty in pink as I do.

And this one? "Too fancy." (Like there is such a thing!) This one came from eBay. I think it was the same person who made the red-sprigged calico dress I had on awhile back. Again, I think she looks really nice in it.

John-John thinks that poor Emmaline is just really insecure. I know her two sisters found homes right away, but she was up for adoption for months - something that just doesn't happen to us Hittys. And then she has so much trouble finding anything that actually fits her....
I think a self-esteem intervention is in order here. Now I just have to figure out how....

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