Monday, June 24, 2013

In which it's feeling hot hot hot.....

"Hey girlfriend, what did you do to your hair?"

"John-John did it while you were out." I don't know if I mentioned it, but John-John's a hairstylist. That's the reason behind the confetti-colored streaks in his hair. He was strand-testing manic Panic - on himself.

"I like." Maddy nodded. "I like your hair a little wild. It suits you."

A little wild? Me like too.... ;-)

(And yes, that's a repair on my nose. I broke a couple of stitches. C'est la vie...)


By the way, the northeast is having a bit of a heatwave. It was ninety-five very humid degrees today. Maddy finally broke down and hauled out the air conditioner. She bought one of those floor units last year rather than trying to put one in a window.

"Is that why you took out the rug?" I was a little surprised to see it gone.

"Sort of..." Maddy looked sheepish.

"See that little black plug back there? That's for the water reservoir. I took it off when I put the thing up last fall so it wouldn't mildew or anything. Then - I forgot to put it back on when I hooked it back up this morning. Came back an hour or so later and half the room was a puddle. The rug is downstairs over the clothesline trying to dry out."

"I thought the water went up and out the hose." The thing most people don't know about these type of air conditioners is that you actually do need a window to run a pretty big vent hose out of for the unit to work. However, putting the hose in the window is a lot easier than trying to put an entire air conditioner in one...

"Some of it does, I think. I'm not sure how it works, exactly. But it does cool the room."


Along with the heat, we had storms this afternoon....

Maddy said it was actually just one storm, but it kept just growing and building back on itself - for about three hours....

Shel was starting to get kind of panicked because he couldn't find John-John anywhere.

Maddy finally heard him whimpering. He was hiding under this pink striped thing she has, crying. He's scared to death of thunderstorms.

"Why did you hide from us if you were scared?" I said.

"I feel so silly being scared of them but I am. I can't help it...." He started crying again when a really loud bolt of lightning hit close by.

 I don't think it's silly - lightning kind of freaks me out, too. I think it does Maddy as well. Shel was just glad that his sweetie was all right.

By sunset everything was clearing out. I think it might be slightly more comfortable sleeping weather tonight...

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