Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In which my sister and I get new dresses....

"Ow! Hey..." That didn't feel good. "What's the big idea, putting a needle in my chair?"

Maddy looked around. "That's a pincushion."

"Seriously?" If it looks like a chair and sits upon like a chair, it's a chair. I don't care what she thinks.


Okay, needles and pincushions aside, Maddy promised she'd fix that dress for little Caroline and she did. It's the toddler dress from Paulette Morrissey's Toddler Wardrobe pattern. Pretty awesome, huh? Maddy's still kind of in shock that she just sewed something that small. (The tiny Hittys are about three inches tall and the toddlers, like Samantha, are about four and a half.)

And while she was at it, I got a new dress, too, also from one of Paulette's patterns. (Multi-Dress pattern, cuffed sleeve version although the sleeve isn't cuffed - Maddy's note.) She wanted to gather the sleeves, but that's going to have to wait until we find the elastic thread. Most of the time Maddy knows where everything is regardless of how messy things are, but sometimes stuff sneaks away. I appreciate when she buys new dresses for me and my sisters, but there's something especially awesome about the fact that she's willing to put the effort into sewing for us, too.

And this is what happened not too long after she took the photo of my sister out by the grapevine.

This was just before we had to close the back door because the wind was making the light hanging over the table spin around on its chain. No lightning or thunder, just rain and wind.

Right now we're watching the Mets, who are actually winning at the moment. Maddy says that won't last. (I should point out that the Mets are her favorite team!) As for why, she said it's a lesson learned long ago from Peanuts: "Charlie Brown didn't stop rooting for Joe Shalabotnick after he got sent to the minor leagues, so I'm not going to stop liking the Mets even though they can't win a game. You have to pick a team and stay with them, no matter what."

"You said you had to stop liking the Jets, though."

"Yeah, but that was different. They signed Tim Tebow. Some things you just can't forgive. However, now that they let him go, I can like them again." She looked at me. "He wouldn't have been so annoying if he could actually play football, but he's not much of a quarterback. It was just all the hype."

Someday she's going to have to explain football to me. Like, hopefully, before they start playing it again....


  1. As a Colorado Woodlee, I'm totally with Maddy on the Tim Tebow thing. Good call, Maddy! Though I'm mostly into hockey, and being from Colorado, that also means I totally understand still liking a team even if they can't win a game (the Avs have some uh... challenges).

    I wish it would rain here. It feels like half the state is on fire, and fires make me just plain nervous. *shudder* Enjoy the rain a little for me, okay? Or just send me some. That would be great too.

  2. We saw the fires on TV. Stay safe!
    *Willing the rain to Woodlee Junction*