Monday, June 10, 2013

In which we learn something about videos, rain and Emmaline's family....

"Here sweetie, try this on. I - uh-oh, what did I do?" Maddy tried making a dress for my little sister today, but it didn't go quite as planned.

"All the puffs are in the front," little Caroline said.

"I think I'm going to have to iron pleats into the skirt, not gather it," she concluded. "Sorry, baby."

All three of us got a laugh out of it, though. And at least we know the pattern fits. It looks like Paulette's toddler dress is just perfect for a tiny Hitty dress. Like Maddy said, that's known as good planning.


We had to run by the place with the fancy garden center again this weekend. Here I am with a fig tree.

As green as Maddy's thumb is, this is one thing she says she has no luck with - orchids. She said most of them were moth orchids, although some were oncidiums. She was kind of hoping to find a particular one she said was called a "Sharry Baby." Apparently it smells like chocolate...


Robin and Alexis are getting more and more worried about Emmaline. The poor girl just doesn't seem happy.

"We were wondering if you knew how to get in touch with her grandmother," Alexis said.

"I think she said her grandmother lives in Key West now," Maddy said. "I don't have an address."

Alexis looked thoughtful. "Do you happen to know what kind of doll her grandmother is?"

"There was a picture in the eBay auction showing her with a china doll," I said.

"That's probably it," Alexis said. "I bet you she was raised by china dolls. That's what she reminds me of."

"Is that bad?" Maddy said.

"China dolls aren't bad, they're just fragile," Alexis said. "They have to be so careful not to get broken that they're almost afraid to do anything. One false move could be the end for them, while you or me or Robin here would just get up and walk away. I think that's why Emmaline is so afraid to try anything new. She was raised to think that everything new is dangerous."

"Most of them are also kind of stuck in the nineteenth century. Maybe even the eighteenth," China Girl said. "Believe me, I know."

"You don't worry about breaking,"John-John said.

"The Wizard cast a spell on me before he sent me here to make me more or less unbreakable," she explained. "I'd have to be much more careful otherwise."

Food for thought....


 At one point we were almost a foot behind on rain for the year. Not anymore. I think after this week we'll be over the average....

"I keep telling myself it's like that Psychedelic Furs video," I sighed.

"Which one? "Heaven"?" Maddy said.

"That one. It look totally awesome but it must have been no fun to film."

"I think it took three days and it was like, freezing cold in that bus depot," Maddy said. "I spent three hours out in rain - actual rain like that once and it was bad enough."

"Did you tell me this story?" I said.

"Probably not. It's another Tale From Where I Used To Work," she said. "We were bidding out a rather large project and had a site showing scheduled - this was in the middle of October. Well, the day we were supposed to show the contractors around the project site, it was pouring rain and about 36F. When we got out there to set up, the rain had more or less backed off to a drizzle, so we were thinking "Great, we're going to get this over with before the rain comes back in." Yeah, right. Two minutes into the presentation, it started freaking pouring, Pouring. Plus the wind started whipping all over the place. So putting up an umbrella was out. I resigned myself to putting up my hood and trying to keep the pad I was taking notes on dry with my raincoat - only to realize about thirty seconds later that my so-called raincoat was not repelling any of the rain, Perfect time for the waterproofing to wear off. Anyway, my steno pad disintegrated in the rain, my coat and everything I had on under it soaked through - about the only thing that went right was that it didn't turn to snow. Luckily, some instinct had warned me to bring a change of clothes to work that day. But it was still that night, in bed with the comforter, two blankets and the hot water bottle before I started feeling even remotely warm again."

"Too bad you didn't have John Ashton to snuggle up with between takes," I said.

 "Yeah, right..." She looked around. "You're even more obsessed than I am."

I hope she doesn't think I've forgotten about Woodstock. Just not in all the rain we're supposed to be getting....

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  1. Brrr. Though, I'd give a lot for some rain here right now. It's super, duper, HOT here. Like record breaking hot. Too hot. And those orchids look lovely. We have one Spider plant here that Wendy hasn't managed to kill. It is a very brave plant indeed.