Friday, June 7, 2013

In which - they're here! And I find out something very interesting about John Ashton...

Our Little Mo friends have arrived! Left to right - Leonora, Samantha, Robin, yours truly, the other Hitty Caroline and Hitty Emilee. Their bus got here before the really heavy rain did, so it all worked out well. We spent the afternoon relaxing and getting to know each other. Leonora shares my, Shel's and Maddy's passion for all things supernatural and Robin, like Maddy, aspires to write a novel some day. Samantha likes riding her bike - I was a bit let down when I realized she didn't mean a Harley, but oh well.

We thought little Caroline's dress was the same print as one of ours. It wasn't quite, but it's close. I think we saw the same print as the big dress up at Hobby Lobby. Maddy wants to try to make everyone some new clothes, but didn't have time this afternoon.

With the rain, we couldn't do all that much today. I think tomorrow is supposed to be a lot nicer.

I spent some time snooping the bookcase....

And made a discovery that could change history as we know it....

"Hey Maddy? Did you know John Ashton lives in Woodstock?!"

"Yeah. I knew that."

"Woodstock's near here, right? Right?!"

"Caroline, not so close..."

"But it is near here, right?!"

"It's about an hour and a half or so across the river..."

"ROAD TRIP!!!!!"

"Not so loud. You're going to wake everyone up."

"Aw, c'mon. Road trip?"

"We are not going to go to Woodstock to stalk John Ashton. C'mon, I'm not into that."

"But could we go anyway? Please?"

"You said you know how to get there. You were just there awhile ago, weren't you?" John-John said.

"Well, yeah, but not on purpose, exactly." Maddy looked sheepish.

"What happened?" I said.

"I was supposed to be driving to Delhi for a meeting last spring and well - I kind of got screwed up," she said. "There's this stupid traffic roundabout outside of Kingston and well - I thought I was all the way across the thing and I wasn't. Instead of the road I wanted to end up on, I ended up on I-87. So I thought, "okay, I'll turn around at the next exit." Problem was, I'd forgotten the next exit was Saugerties. So by then, the quickest way back to the road I should have been on was to cut back around through Woodstock."

"Is that why you bought a GPS? Shel said.

"No, I had the GPS. I just thought I could get to Delhi without it," she admitted. "I finally pulled over somewhere outside Woodstock and did what I should have done before I left the house - plugged the stupid thing in and entered the address I was supposed to be heading to. I should have stayed lost in Woodstock. That turned out to be better than the meeting." She rolled her eyes. "Another bunch of "teambuilding" games, a lecture on the new employee ranking and compensation plan that was word-for-word what they'd gone over at the two other all-staff meetings, a presentation on the documents that I spent all day every day working on, sandwiches and a trip to a farm to stand around in the mud and look at a water tank."

I had to admit, it wasn't my idea of a good time. "So? Road trip?"

"We'll think about it," she said.

That better not mean "no...."


  1. Congrats on your Little Mos! Are they your firsts? I got one from the same batch, Jessi Lynn! She is wearing a dress made from the same fabric as Leonora's dress. Your Itty Bitty Hittys are really cute, too :D

    I only have one regular Little Mo but also have a grandma gnome, boy gnome, twin baby gnomes, and 5 nombies :)

  2. They are my firsts. When I saw the little Hitty named Caroline, I knew I had to adopt her.

    I just treated myself to Paulette's book on how she makes her dolls. It's very comprehensive. I'm going to get out my polymer clay stuff when it turns a little cooler and try my hand at it.