Thursday, June 6, 2013

In which the Woodlees arrive....

"Has anyone seen my - never mind." I think this explains why the battery doesn't seem to be lasting as long as it should. I should also mention that Shel pretty much owns Maddy when it comes to Angry Birds....

The Woodlee Junction girls arrived today, in advance of all the rain we're supposed to get. Aimee is on the left, in pink and white, and Alexis is on the right, in pink and black.They're both super-sweet. (And I'm woman enough to admit that I was wrong and the sea glass does in fact look pretty awesome in that little apothecary jar. I think the three pieces that didn't fit are destined for a terrarium.)

John-John was nervous for a little while this morning, but it turns out that we don't have a lot to worry about from Tropical Storm Andrea. Just rain. Maddy said we're about five or six inches behind for the year as it is, so the rain is actually somewhat needed - although not all at once would be nice. I don't know - unlike Caroline in the song, I really don't love when it's raining all day. (I do love being one of the girls, though!)

The Woodlee girls both loved Emmaline's dress. I don't think she was expecting that. I think I'm going to ask them to help us with the Making Emmaline Think She's Awesome project.

Maddy's thinking of turning this bookshelf into my apartment, at least temporarily. She' going to have to move the last few plants off of it for the summer because they won't get any light. I don't know where the bottles are going, though.

And it looks like our Little Mo friends will be arriving tomorrow! They arrived in New Jersey early this afternoon, and should be on their way to New York as we speak. The best part is that they should get here before the really really heavy rain does...


  1. Yaay! Oh, it sounds like you have many dolls arriving! How exciting! We don't have a Little Mo in Woodlee Junction yet... (yet!) someday, though.

    You Woodlee girls look very happy in their new home, and I think they'll be great at helping Hitty Emmaline feel awesome. Well, it makes it easier that she IS awesome, I guess.

    Congratulations on all the new arrivals! And thank you again for adopting the Woodlee girls! I can't wait to see their adventures in their new home!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! The Woodlee girls really are adorable. I'm glad so many people want to adopt them.

      And thanks for stopping by to check out Caroline's blog. I'm having a lot of fun "facilitating" it for her.


  2. Hi Maddy! Aimee and Alexis are so cute! I love Aimee's hair, it's slightly disheveled in the first picture but somehow the result is that it looks really luxurious and thick and kind of wavy. Why does my hair just look bad when it's disheveled?! Hopefully your girls are having lots of fun in their new home :) Great to learn about more blogs with Woodlees, I think my Woodlee will enjoy reading about her cousins when she gets here!