Thursday, June 27, 2013

In which I get a new look...

The last day or so has not been good....

That "broken thread" turned out to be my face falling apart all on its own. One of the hazards of being a doll, I guess. So, long story short, I ended up having to go under the knife for some major reconstructive surgery....

Me before, after a last-ditch effort to glue my face back together....

Me now, after getting my new face.

I don't know about you, but I like the new me. Not that I didn't like the old me, but the new me looks - well, pretty darn good. Even if I do say so myself...

The incredibly-talented and totally sweet John-John Kilburne putting the finishing touches on my new 'do. I wouldn't trust just anyone with those scissors!

Maddy wanted to get my picture with the Japanese iris that are blooming before the three to four inches of rain we're supposed to get wrecks them.

Not that it's doing anything now. In fact, right now it's a really nice evening.


"Caroline, sweetie, I bought you some boxes for just your stuff - hey, what's all this?"

"I picked them out while you were looking for the gloves. The guy at the counter said they were free..."

"They are. They want you to take them. What were you thinking of painting?"

"My bookcase apartment - when we find the right bookcase."

"Are these low VOC?" Maddy picked one up. "We have to make sure we get the kind of paint that doesn't have fumes. If not, we can find something that is in the right colors."

"I picked out some for you, too." I know she said something about maybe painting her bedroom, and I know she likes turquoise.

"Thanks, sweetie. There are great." (Maddy's note - I would paint the room some actual color if I wasn't too lazy to move out all the furniture....)

I love these awesome boxes, too. I'm the luckiest Hitty......

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