Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In which it's a quiet evening....

"Okay, two problems. One, why is the Dali clock no longer working? It's still ticking..." Maddy was looking around. "And two, more importantly, what the heck did I do with those CDs I had in the car last..."

"These?" Aimee was looking under the towel Maddy was drying some recently washed makeup brushes on.

"Oh duh. Yes. Thank you..."


Shel: "What the heck?"

John-John: "I could think up some uses for that."

Shel: "You're too cute..."


Maddy: "Hey guys, don't tangle it up - hey, does this even have an end anywhere?"

John-John: "Infinite Rope."

Maddy: "Sounds like something Anthony Sullivan would be pitching on TV."

Me: "Okay, what the heck kind of color is this?"

Maddy: "Green."

I don't know sometimes.....

By the way, I think the rope is to cover wire with. And as for what John-John was thinking, well - I'm not going there....

1 comment:

  1. That looks like perfect rope to cover wire with! Well.. and probably for whatever John-John was thinking, but better not to ponder that too much. :) Good luck!