Thursday, May 30, 2013

In which Maddy downloads pictures from her phone....

We went to a garden center today and Maddy (much to the annoyance of an elderly couple, who kept grumbling about "these kids and their dumb gadgets...") snapped some pictures. Getting them from her phone to this blog, however, proved a challenge.

"Well, finally, It downloaded all of them, though," she said.

"Wow. Where was this one taken?" John-John said.

"Down where I used to work," she said. "Let me find one of the building."

"That's the building - this one was taken a couple of months later. It doesn't look like that anymore, though. That tree is gone. Hurricane Irene took part of it down and the October snowstorm later that year finished it off. I felt really bad. It was such a pretty tree."

"What's this?" Shel said, wide-eyed. (Of course, he's always kind of wide-eyed!)

 "Severe thunderstorm. I don't know if my phone did that or it was from the sun shining on the cloud, but it's pretty cool, isn't it?"

"And here's why we were having the severe thunderstorm. Look at the temperature that day!"

Shel did. "Two hundred and forty-four degrees ?!"

"That's the estimated gas mileage. The temperature is at the top," Maddy said with a laugh. "However, I think the car seat was about 244 degrees. I burned my butt sitting down on it wearing jeans."

"I think this was a different storm. We were on top of a hill, so we had a good view of things."

"There were also a bunch of chickens. That rooster in the middle was almost three feet tall. I think they're the only thing I miss about that place."


And now for the garden center pictures. Me, of course. We were hoping to get more pictures than we did, but the place was kind of crowded.

Maddy wanted to get a picture of me with the frog and the morning glories, but had to settle for just the frog and the morning glories.

These are some of the inhabitants of the koi pond in the greenhouse.


Back home this evening, we went outside for some cool evening air and a few pictures...

These I like, for obvious reasons.

We lucked out and missed a line of severe storms last night, so the peony finished blooming out.

Along with the rhododendron. Yes, that's the house. No, the picture isn't doctored. That thing is ginormous....

 Almost ninety degrees today and what is Emmaline wearing? *facepalm*

"I'm just not comfortable in skimpy clothing," she protested.

"What's skimpy about short sleeves?" John-John said.

We're going to get this girl in a bikini before summer is out. Shhhh, don't tell her that, though....

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