Friday, May 3, 2013

In which Hitty Magnolia Treechild joins the family...

Meet our new sister, Hitty Magnolia Treechild.

 She said she'd lived in California for almost a year, but had decided it was time to move on and see new places.

"I was really excited when I found out I'd be coming to New York," she said.

We took her outside to see some of the spring flowers. I was going to introduce her to John-John and Shel, but I had no idea where they were.

Turned out they were over behind a nearby tree, snuggling. They're really too cute sometimes. I think that might be the tree Shel was trying to shelter against when John-John and Pinky found him, but I didn't say as much. I'll let Shel tell Magnolia that story himself when he's ready.

Magnolia was really gobsmacked, as John-John would say, when she found out she'd be sharing a home with Pinky Torrance. Pinky has, of course, been to California with the band, so they talked about that a little bit.

She thinks the dollhouse might actually work for her - it's not a perfect fit, but it's close. Magnolia isn't quite as tall as the rest of us. Maddy, who isn't all that tall herself, says that sometimes shorter is better. :)

She was also really excited (as we all are!) to find out that there's a wedding in the works. John-John said they haven't set a date yet. His mom, sister and brother all want to attend, along with Shel's mom and three sisters. Getting everyone together may prove to be a challenge.I think I'm beginning to see why drive-thru weddings in Vegas are so popular. Maddy said that, for the record, if she ever does get married, she wants to elope to Vegas and be married by an Elvis impersonator.

John-John got a kick out of that, but Shel wasn't so sure. Which brings me to the other big problem - we don't know who's going to actually perform the ceremony....

Stay tuned....

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