Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In which we receive even more good news...

Just a quick update...

We are going to have a new sister! Our person has adopted a lovely little Ingeborg Tinius girl. She tried to adopt one of Ingeborg's girls before but didn't win, so she's really happy. I think she mentioned that our new sister, Treechild, is a bit smaller than the rest of us, so she might be able to live in the lovely dollhouse our person has downstairs just waiting to be fixed up again.

 Not the best pic, but Maddy didn't feel like pulling the table the ShopVac is on out of the way. It has a balcony on the second level and a captain's walk on the roof. It's thirty-five years old and in good shape. At one point, Maddy also had a Victorian-style dollhouse that was about the same age, but it collapsed when she tried to move it off the card table it had sat on for years and it couldn't be repaired. I would have loved to have seen it when it was all wired up with working lights.

 She said the wallpaper and flooring in this one is much more to scale, though. She'd gotten hold of a bunch of old wallpaper samples and used them to decorate the other house - which sounds like a good idea, but prints scaled for a human-sized wall don't always work in a dollhouse, which didn't occur to her when she was in the fifth grade.

You can see it's a tight fit for Emmaline, who's a little over six and a quarter inches. Maddy thinks Treechild is just under six inches, so the house might be a perfect fit. She said the white walls and trim will have to go, though. She grew up in a house that had nothing but white walls and neutral (read: gray and brown) furnishings because her father didn't like "weird colored crap and neon walls." She said that brown is okay - at least it looks warm and natural - but even off-white walls would have been nicer than just stark plain white. She wasn't even allowed a colored rug in her room - it had to be the same plain, unpatterned gray-beige as the rest of the carpeting in the house. An insignificant thing at best, she realizes, but at the same time, everyone wants a little self-expression as a kid....

Anyway, dollhouse or no, I think our new sister is going to love it here!

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