Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In which we share some random photos....

"Caroline? How the heck did your ancestor Hitty write with one of these things?"

"John-John, you do NOT always look like a moose in photographs!"

Emmaline's first "store-bought" dress.

 My almost-sampler dress from the original Hitty book. I don't do "not fancy."

Shel's chicken quilt. which Maddy made from an elinor peace bailey pattern. I should add that my person isn't a quilter; this is her first-ever try at it.

Emmaline and Zaphod. Don't worry, he's just sniffing. Degus are native to the high mountains of Chile. They ended up in the pet trade after they were brought into this country for diabetes research. Maddy has to carefully read labels on everything she buys for him to make sure there isn't any sugar or fruit in it. She told me that several websites insist that degus must, must, MUST have a companion, but then have pages and pages devoted to ways to introduce them. The best-case scenario is about a six month process. Zaphod is an only degu, and he isn't suffering any ill effects.

Catherine, me, Emmaline and Ramona.

John-John, Shel and their dog, Blackie.

 Shel, John-John and their pet hedgehog.

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