Thursday, April 11, 2013

In which we have bad weather and meet a new friend...

This evening the weather was not so great...

Although, really, we didn't need the Weather Channel to tell us something nasty was afoot. This was taken just before our person knocked one of her cactus plants over trying to close the window before the rain started. Luckily (for the cactus, anyway,) she caught it before it hit the floor. It took a few tries with duct tape, but she thinks she got all the cactus stickers out of her hand...

John-John doesn't like storms. The first one of any significance he went through happened to be Superstorm Sandy. That was only a few weeks after they found Shel. Maddy told me that although the storm was frightening and did some damage - lots of downed trees and branches - they never even lost power. She doesn't know how, though, with all the wind. She said they were incredibly lucky.


We also have a new member of our family, Meet China Girl:

She comes to us from the faraway land of Oz. Her person, who she said was a wizard, felt that she needed to have a home where there were other dolls.

She wasn't sure about it, but after meeting everyone, she thinks she's really going to like it here.

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