Thursday, April 25, 2013

In which poor Shel breaks his thumb....

Poor Shel....

Today I was hanging with the ghouls, talking fashion and stuff - the usual, you know?

Meanwhile, China Girl and Shel were talking about the upcoming Proposal. I think she's going to invite her wizard friend and one of his friends to join us for the wedding...

When all at once, Coco rockets out of Shel's lap. barking. Shel yelled for him to get back, but he didn't listen. He told us later he was afraid Coco was about to go after Howleen Wolf's hedgehog, Cushion.

So Shel started to go after him, but he lost his balance...

And before China Girl could do anything, he fell the three or so feet to the floor.

We all hurried over, fearing the worst, but he hadn't been knocked unconscious or anything. The good news was that he hadn't hit his head. The bad news was that he hadn't hit his head because he'd landed on his left arm. He thought he was okay until he tried to move his fingers and couldn't move his thumb.

Howleen just took a first aid course. She looked at it and said it looked like it was broken. China Girl went to get Maddy and John-John.

Maddy took a look at it and confirmed Shel and Howleen's fears. The armature in his thumb was broken.

Howleen felt terrible. She thought it was her fault for having Cushion out of his cage. I told her it wasn't, that nobody else was going to blame her, either.

Maddy, meanwhile, had fetched an elastic bandage - well, a piece of elastic, anyway - and set Shel's hand so he wouldn't be in pain until she was able to repair it.

She said she thinks that the armature might have been damaged in the fall (push, really) that shattered his other arm, because normally, a fall from that height wouldn't even faze a cloth doll, especially with a carpet to land on. Howleen didn't know the story, so Shel told her. (He's getting a little braver about opening up now.) Howleen told him that if his ex ever turned up around here, he'd have her, Clawdeen and their brother to deal with, and he wouldn't like having to deal with a bunch of pissed-off werewolves. I think Shel got a laugh out of imagining that. I know I did....

Nevertheless, it did bring up a bunch of nasty memories. But now he's got someone who's actually there for him.

And as for Coco and Cushion.....

Well, we shouldn't have worried. *facepalms*

*Maddy's note: The chenille stem armature in Shel's left hand really did break - I wish I could figure out something better to use that would still give me some degree of flexibility...*

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