Thursday, April 4, 2013

In which I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

“Okay, here we are. Kish Riley – accessories – bikes…” I was at the computer again.

“What are you looking at?” my cousin Emmaline said, looking at the eBay page.

“Drat…” Not what I was looking for.

 “I thought you were looking for a pink bike.”

 Yeah, a bike. Like in a Harley.” I looked at her.

            “Oh…” I don’t think she quite gets me sometimes, but that’s okay. She’d never been off her grandmother’s farm in Missouri until she was put up for adoption on eBay. She’s still getting used to us. (As for her Grandma, she left the farm in capable hands and retired to Key West with her third husband, who I understand made a fortune in the early dotcom days. I think he sold out for about a bazillion dollars before anyone realized that being the internet's premier source for sandwiches wasn't really workable.)


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, John-John, Jade and Ramona were performing a scientific experiment to determine the effects of microwave radiation on leftover Peeps. I don't think Shel was interested. He was over behind the paper towels, napping.

 Seems like a bit of a waste of a good Peep to me....

They were going to try to replicate the results, but...

 "Uh, Maddy? Did you need the microwave?"

It's a little hard to get mad at that face....

(Maddy said that if they really felt adventurous, they should help her determine why the calendar keeps falling back open to the January page. She's tried tape, packing tape and duct tape. I think her next step is  going to be a nail gun.)

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