Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In which I have a typical school day and Shel reveals big plans...

Like all dolls of a certain age, I attend school. (I can't get by on these good looks alone, you know!) After some consideration, Maddy enrolled us in Monster High. Turns out all you have to be is "not human," and as dolls, we certainly qualify.

From left to right: Ghoulia Yelps, yours truly, Valentine, Draculaura, Spectra Wondergeist, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Emmaline. We're all taking Fashion History and Design Theory and we're all members of the Design Club. Clawdeen is just amazing, She's one of the most talented designers I've ever met. Darci (yes, that Darci!) wants to have Clawdeen intern with her this summer.

Val, Frankie and Spectra. They're still discussing what they're going to wear to the Spring Formal.

I think Emmaline feels like she doesn't really fit in sometimes, but the rest of the girls and I do our best to make her feel like she's one of us. She is, after all.

Abby Bomidable, me, Emmaline and Lagoona Blue. Like our ancestor Hitty, Lagoona's family is also from New England, but they hail from Innsmouth, MA. She's told us some interesting stories about her Uncle Cthulhu.

The girls all love it when John-John picks me and my sisters up after school. They all think he's cute. I don't think he quite knows what to make of it. He's really quite shy.

Even the most fashionably fierce have an occasional shoe malfunction...

Today, however, Shel picked me up right after school. He said he needed to talk to me. I wasn't sure whether to be nervous or annoyed (I mean, I do have an actual social life!) but it turned out to be for a really cool reason. He's going to ask John-John to marry him! How awesome is that? He needs our help getting everything set up and keeping it a secret. Pinky is bringing the ring back with her. Her telling John-John she was in Japan with the band still was a little white lie. She's actually visiting a friend in England who's designing the ring. This is going to be so awesome....

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