Monday, April 22, 2013

In which we celebrate Earth Day...

For Earth Day, we decided to check out some of the latest signs of spring.

Remember that forsythia that was about to bloom? Well, it did. Maddy said that she loves the way that, after months of drab and colorless weather, the first color to come back is the brightest one in the spectrum.

These daffodils, however, will turn pinker and pinker as they mature. I like that. 

The deer didn't quite get all the tulips, apparently. They did, however, destroy Maddy's bed of Queen Of The Night tulips interplanted with "a
bunch of big ruffle-y white ones - I forget the name."

Classic yellow is always in style.

In another couple of weeks, all this will be green.

 Maddy said she once read an old Persian proverb that "if you have two coins, buy bread with one to feed the body and with the other, buy hyacinths, to feed the spirit." I can see why.

Daffodils Gone Wild!!!!!!

I don't think this is lily of the valley, but it's pretty.

Here there be bluebells...and a bit of overexposure. Maddy took this shot not looking at the camera screen because she didn't want to get tangled up in the rosebush these are growing around.

This is another causality of Superstorm Sandy - although it is coming back out. Maddy thinks its honeysuckle, but it hasn't bloomed once since it was planted ten years ago, so she isn't sure.

Catching some rays.

Soon, there will be poppies....

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