Monday, December 30, 2013

In which we're still here and Happy New Year!

It's been quiet. The good kind of quiet. Not quiet as in "OMG, what is the cat/parrot/degu doing NOW?" quiet.

I spoke too soon about no snow for Christmas, though. This was Christmas morning. We had just enough of a snow squall to dump about an inch and a half overnight.

John-John has a styling chair and setup now, so he's really happy.

We did have a little holiday drama when one of the garage door locks broke on Christmas day. Maddy used very heavy clothesline wrapped around the track to jam the door until someone could get out to fix it. It worked almost too well. From some of the language she was using, I think she had a really hard time cutting it off after they called to tell her they were on their way to fix it - almost an hour earlier than scheduled. (The earlier part she didn't mind. It meant she got to run some errands she wanted to squeeze in this week. They're saying "whole lotta snow" for Thursday and Friday, so that kills two days.)

We're not planning much for New Years' Eve - it's going to be super cold here, anyway, which is no fun. According to Maddy, it'll be 2014 in Australia when it's 8 AM tomorrow here. She told me that one of her favorite New Years' moments ever was in 1999, watching on TV as the year 2000 arrived in England. She said that over the fireworks and the crowd and the announcer and everything, she heard, quite clearly. Big Ben striking midnight at the turn of the century. She also remembers people lined up for gas like they were after superstorm Sandy and her older relatives all utterly convinced that the world was quite literally going to end at the stroke of midnight. She also said that the whole Y2K computer thing may not have been hype - an old, old, old computer that had been around the house, un-upgraded because it wasn't even being made anymore would no longer boot up the next morning. Like McCoy always said, "It's dead, Jim."

Happy New Year, everyone! 2014 is going to rock. And if it doesn't, we'll MAKE it rock.

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