Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In which we wrap presents.....


We just got through with Electra and now, here's Falco. So this time I've been going around with "Rock Me, Amadeus" stuck in my head. Oh well, at least I like the song....

"Wait. Is that right?"

Maddy's got this book about making dolls, and one whole chapter is devoted to paper dolls. John-John thought he'd give making a string of paper dolls a try.

"Are they supposed to have three legs?"

"No," he said, looking a little bit dismayed. "They're supposed be holding hands, not conjoined."

Okay, so he isn't always good with scissors. At least he leaves the running with scissors part to Weird Al Yankovic.


"What's this?'

Maddy looked around from taking one last item out of her closet. "Want to help me wrap presents?"

"Uh - sure." It looked like a pretty big job, especially for a Hitty,

"You got your mom Uggs?" Shel looked skeptical.

"Those aren't Uggs. They're just furry lined boots. She's always saying her feet get cold. And what's wrong with Uggs? Apart from the fact that they don't come in triple E width?" Maddy looked at him.

He shook his head. "I think we need a new show. "Queer Eye For The Straight Girl."

(For the record, sometimes Shel's fashion sense is on target, sometimes - not so much. You should see the red espadrilles he wears sometimes.)

"Is this what you're using?"

"That and the silver and white," she said.

"Okay." John-John, ever helpful, measured out the paper so she could cut it.

"Okay, now we tape it over the box, then make hospital corners...." Shel explained.

"Hospital corners?" That sounded ominous.

"Like this." He folded the sides up around the box neatly - or tried to anyway. The paper is really stiff and heavy, but it tears easily.

"Not the best paper," Maddy said, handing him the tape and a bow. "Maybe the silver will be better."

"This is okay. Just kind of stiff." Shel said, arranging the bow.

"And this isn't paper..." As it turns out, cellophane isn't clear if you wrap enough of it around a tube. Oops.

"Oh well. So much for not wrapping them all in the same paper," Maddy said with a shrug.

Maddy's mom doesn't read the blog - she isn't into computers - so I won't be giving anything away by saying we had the boots, a a pair of super fuzzy slippers and a pair of really nice sneakers for her. Yes, she needs shoes, but keeps putting off buying them. I do know there are a couple of presents for John-John and Shel hidden *somewhere* around the house, but obviously I'm not saying what they are.

So anyway, it's finally stopped snowing and we're sitting here listening to accident reports on Maddy's scanner app on her tablet. Apparently they're also on the lookout for some dude walking down the middle of the NYS Thruway. Somehow that doesn't seem like such a great idea.....

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  1. Ooooh Beautiful Wonderful Presents and Very Expertly wrapped too - I Love those teeny paper dolls too! Have a Wonderful Christmas - LuV, TiGGy