Friday, December 6, 2013

In which I find the perfect tree....

Told you....

Maddy said we'd fix up my living room this weekend. She has a feeling she won't be getting out Monday with Winter Storm Dion heading our way. Right now we're getting rain and a little sleet from Klingon or Cleon or Whatever-His-Name-Is, but it's supposed to go over to snow. We're only supposed to get two or three inches, though.

We're watching the Weather Channel right now with all the ice from this storm. I wonder what Maddy's cousins in Arkansas will try to melt it with this time? She told me that after one particular storm a few years ago, one of her cousins called her and asked, "Hey, fertilizer melts snow, don't it?"

(Maddy's note: Trust me, it doesn't. And on a related note, it's a very good idea to actually READ the label on a bag before scattering its contents on the driveway. Especially if it's four-forty-five AM and you haven't woken up/ingested any caffiene yet. Miracle-Gro Organic Fertilizer granules and ice melt look an awful lot alike....)

We tried to take some pictures of the lights before it started raining. It didn't work very well. I think we'll have to wait a day or two until the weather's a bit nicer and we can go out just before dark.

I like this time of year....

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