Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In which we put up the lights in the front window...

"What are these?" Sohalia said.

"Christmas lights," John said, trying to untangle the mass we'd pulled out of the box. "These are really tangled up..."

"Oh dear..." Moriko came over to see what was going on.

(Yes, that's Jasper's cage in the background. He didn't want any part of this.)

"They're net lights. I got them by mistake two years ago," Maddy said, coming in. "They're supposed to drape over a bush or something, I didn't read the package and thought they were a string."

"Like these?" Shel, meanwhile, was getting all wrapped up in something else - literally.

"No, those are icicle lights, sweetie," Maddy said. "Like on the house across the street."

"How are net lights going to work for the window?" I somehow wasn't seeing it.

"Like this." She finished putting the stepladder up, untangled what turned out to be, yes, a fishing net of lights and hung it in the window. "Ta-da!"

(And yes that is THE rhododendron of Bigger Than The House fame.)

Turned out it just covered the window perfectly.

"So it didn't turn out to be a big-time screwup after all," she said.

Not sure what John-John intends to do with the string he was quietly untangling while we were working.

Baby was none too pleased about the interruption, either. He's about as annoyed as he looks in that photo. And yes, his beak is dirty. He just got out of his food bowl and there were broccoli florets for dinner. He's a messy eater.


Twenty more days to go....

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  1. You Hittys and your lights! :) But it does look like it's going to be pretty awesome. Do we get to see a "nighttime" picture too? Please?