Monday, December 2, 2013

In which Shel and John-John put up their tree....

As promised, Maddy dug John-John and Shel's little Christmas tree out of storage over the weekend. So tonight the guys decided to put it up.

I had no idea they were going to take over the night table for it, but she said that's what they did last year. There's a convenient plug nearby and the table is the right size.

We had to move a few things first, though. That little thingy with the blue Mod circles on it is what Maddy keeps her car keys in, so it stayed.

John-John told me that Maddy made them the tree skirt last year out of some very bright red velour in her stash and some lace she got as a gift with purchase from Home Sew. She was happy to buy them a small tree and ornaments, but drew the line at paying $9.99 for a cheaply made mini tree skirt when she knew she could do better. 

Okay, this is all kinds of awesome. You have to remember, this is my first time seeing this all in person. What's not to like about lights and sparkly stuff?

There was only one casualty.

Maddy said that unbreakable ornaments used to look  - well, pretty crappy - but she's found some this year and last that are really beautiful. Some of them you'd be hard-pressed to tell from glass. She loves blue, silver and turquoise together, so she's really liking the peacock theme that seems so popular this year.

And then - the guys surprised the heck out of me...

They'd been worried that Maddy and I wouldn't have my bookcase apartment finished by the holidays and/or that I'd never find a small enough tree - so they bought a box of pink ornaments just for me for their tree.

 I love these guys. Two of the best friends any doll could have.

This is Sohalia's first time seeing any of this, too.

All this and a lit-up tree, too? This is going to rock.....

And by the way, I did find the perfect tree for my bookcase apartment. Now we just have to clean up and set it up...

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  1. Awww.... what sweet guys to get you pink ornaments. Aww. That is just... d'awwwww!!!!

    This is so adorable. I'm feeling more and more Christmas-ish by the day! Yaay! Merry Christmas, all y'all! Awww.