Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In which Fawn is today's guest blogger....


It's me, Fawn. Caroline thought I should be the one to tell my story so - here I am.

I think Caroline already told you that I moved here from the Wylde Kingdom. (If you want to know how I arrived in the Wylde Kingdom, Miranda told the story here.)

Shel keeps wondering if I was afraid, but I wasn't. For one thing, Wendy and I talked it over and we both decided that I needed a new home. And like I told Shel, I knew she wouldn't just send me anywhere or worse, consign me somewhere. I knew she'd make sure she found the right place for me.

You see, I'm not like most BJDs.

I'm sure you've noticed my crutches by now. I can't stand up, much less walk, without them. My knee joints have no stability at all. Even tightening my stringing and sueding them didn't help.

There's nothing to keep them from turning side-to-side in a way that no knee joint was even intended to turn....

It looks painful, but it's not - at least, not until I faceplant or land on my rear end or something.

So my options are either stay on a doll stand or use crutches. I'm not about to stay frozen on a doll stand. I spent too long stuck on a stand or in a box with my first person. To quote this old song John-John likes, I may not go very fast, but I get pretty far.

But I realize that not every doll person is going to accept that. It's just the way things are. My first person didn't accept it, which is part of how I wound up at DDE. It was all for the better, though.

As for my new life in New York....

I was looking forward to seeing Amiee and Alexis again. Turns out there are a small group of Woodlees living here, too. These two were two of the first to make the journey from Colorado.

There's even a resident bunny, although Edward doesn't like to travel as much as Gage did. I think he'd like it better if his first real trip hadn't ended with him and Tim Morris getting lost in India.

I will admit that I was a little nervous about how Caroline would feel about me moving out here. But she's just wonderful. And yeah, she's right - "Pretty In Pink" is a really good song, although like Maddy pointed out, she's really misinterpreting it.

And Shel is the biggest sweetheart - damaged, but sweet. Then again, you don't go through the sort of things he went through and come out in one piece. And no, he thinks of me as the sister he had and lost and found again. John-John has been trying to track down Abagail, Shel's real sister, but so far no luck. John-John is hysterical, by the way, He's got this perfectly sort of deadpan British sense of humor. (He's also hoping I can help him improve Shel's taste in shoes. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy?)

So I'm here, and looking forward to my new life in New York. Yes, I'm going to miss the Kingdom, but, to quote one of the songs Caroline listens to, everything passes and changes and comes to an end. It was time to move on.

I can't wait to see what happens next.....

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