Thursday, March 13, 2014

In which - an update!

Yes, it's been awhile, I know. The good news is, nothing's wrong. It's just been a little busy.

After putting it off for several years, Maddy's mom finally went ahead and had cataract surgery a week ago today. It turned out to be no big deal (they don't even put you under general anesthesia for it!) and it went well. Maybe a little too well. Now all of her glasses are about a bajillion times too strong, because every pair she has were made after the cataract was initially diagnosed. In fact, she doesn't even need them for the right eye any more, but still needs them for the left. My suggestion about rocking a steampunk look complete with monocle didn't go over too well.....

(Maddy - She just laughed and said "riiight.")

So anyway, it's been nothing but eye doctors and eyedrops for the past couple of weeks. That and that missing plane. Yikes. All I can think of is that Stephen King story where the plane flew into the time rift.....


And the other big news....

Meet Daisy.

Yes, Daisy is indeed a pixie. As it turns out, she's been living here for quite some time now, but none of us knew.

She was living out in the old garden until the polar vortex that's been making everyone miserable drove her indoors. She'd set up house, more or less, in the old dollhouse Maddy still needs to fix up. Since it's downstairs and kind of half-behind the treadmill Maddy keeps saying she needs to get back on and never does, we didn't find her until a couple of days ago, when we were trying to find a particular flowerpot on the shelf nearby.

Maddy said that she was more than welcome to stay, but not in the dollhouse. For one thing, if she still has any of the old furniture, she doesn't know where it is. She's afraid her father may have thrown it all out to make room for some of his train stuff. For another thing, the heat isn't turned up downstairs. It's usually about fifty-five degrees down there. Better than outside, but not all that comfortable. Besides, it's really lonely down there.

So needless to say, she's joined the family.

She's a garden pixie, so she's pretty much at home in here.

And Maddy isn't adverse to letting Daisy move into the dollhouse. She just wants to move it somewhere upstairs and fix it up first. Where is the big issue right now.....

Maddy's note:

Yes, I indeed succumbed to FairyLand's charms. :). I also have a PukiFee Shiwoo on order, but she won't be here for about another eleven weeks. When I ordered her from DDE, I saw that they had a PukiPuki Ante, natural skin w/faceup in stock. I sat on it for a few days, figured out my finances, went back and - she was still available. I still can't get over how SMALL she is. I thought Caroline was small. (She is, but still...) 

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