Sunday, March 16, 2014

In which we interrupt this Sunday to bring you some really awesome news....

But first, we want to extend a very warm "welcome back" to an old friend we haven't seen since the end of December.....

The Ground....

Yes, it's been awhile....

Welcome back, Ground! We missed you!

It's not a lot of help for Daisy, though. Her place is still somewhere under all that....stuff.

She lived in something like a hobbit hole (as in really nice place, not an icky damp tunnel) but the weight of the snow started collapsing it. So she had to take refuge in the nearest safe place - the house. Since she had to get out with pretty much the clothes on her back, she's pretty short on outfits at the moment. Maddy and I tried to make her some clothes but - it didn't go well.

"It's not bad..." Daisy, the ever-polite, said.

"Yes, it is," Maddy said. "I have a new pattern coming in for Caroline that's supposed to have different sizes. We'll see if one of them fits you. I think it should."

"Hey, Caroline?" Fawn had been reading about that missing plane on CNN's website when an email arrived. "Look at this. Isn't this the band you and Maddy are following?"

"Which one? John Ashton's?" I ran to look.

"They just got to 100% on their pledge page." She looked at Maddy. "Wasn't tomorrow the deadline?"

"I think so. Ohmigod, that's great!" She leaned over to look. "They did it!"

"Yes! Yes! They did it! They did it! In your face!" Whose face, I don't know, but it seemed appropriate somehow. "It's happening, it's happening, it's gonna happen, the album is happening and it is going to be majorly awesome and....


"Haven't you ever seen the Hitty Happy Dance before?"

"Indeed I have," Fawn deadpanned. "And I hate to say it, but the problems you Hittys have dancing have nothing to do with whether or not you're pegged."

Ouch. I hate it when she's right....


Fawn is a lot like Shel in some ways. Like him, she reads - everything. She's read the entire Wrinkle In Time series, Maddy's Douglas Adams books and some of her band bios. Right now she's reading John-John's Findhorn Garden book.

"Cool." Daisy had come to see what she was reading. "I know a forest deva, She's nice, but she's tough. Of course, you kind of have to be to protect trees around here."

"Around here as in the backyard?" I said.

"She comes and goes. Right now I think she's down south helping out where they had all those ice storms. The trees down there need all the help they can get."

"Do you think she'd want to meet us?" I said.

"I'm sure she would. She already likes Maddy for not having the tree out back cut down a couple of years ago."

"It didn't need it. It just needed that one broken branch removed," Maddy said. "Besides, I like that tree, too."

"When will she be back?" Fawn said.

"Probably not until late spring. I'm kind of watching out for everything until then," Daisy said.

Wow. A real deva, Too if today wasn't too cool already.

(They did it! YES! Ohmigod, this album is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. I love how much character your dolls have.... :D

    It's also very nice to see Fawn in her new home!

  2. Thanks! We're very lucky to have Fawn as part of the family. She's awesome.