Friday, February 14, 2014

In which Shel thinks it's his birthday know.

Insert appropriate/inappropriate language here....

By the way, we had thundersnow last night when the second wave started through. Yes, as in lightning and thunder and a huge snow squall.

While we're waiting to be plowed out....

"Hey guys, want to play?"

 "What's wrong?"

"Hey, you two know you're not supposed to be up here!"

(They're housetrained, but we're still working on the concept of "just because it's edible (like shoes, clothing, the rug and books, for example) doesn't mean it's food.")

The feline evil eye....

Now where were we?


"You know, I think today is technically my birthday," Shel was saying. He was in the sewing/dining room talking to Fawn. "I don't like to do much about it, though..."

"Why not?" she said.

He shrugged. "I'm not like Caroline. The first thing she remembers is Maddy playing "Pretty In Pink" while she was getting the final touches put on her face. The first thing I remember is my creator having a huge fight with her husband because - well, I'm not sure what he did or didn't do, but it was something involving him not getting her what she wanted on Valentine's Day. Never mind that she hadn't told him what it was; he was just apparently supposed to know somehow. After he went slamming out of the house, she got a couple of her friends to come over and sit around while she cried about how mean he was and all that because he  - whatever..."

"How was he supposed to know if she didn't tell him?" Fawn said.

"Exactly. Of course, my first boyfriend did the same thing to me. Except - you know."

"Shel, Maddy's right. Stop torturing yourself thinking about how things used to be. You're here now. And now is better, right?"


(I think she saw John-John about to pounce, but didn't say anything.)

"Happy Valentine's/birthday, handsome!"

You think Shel really needs to answer that last question? :)

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  1. Oooh, thundersnow. We have had that in Colorado around Halloween. I thought I was hearing/seeing things the first time it happened. It is unusual but also kind of cool when it does happens.