Monday, February 3, 2014

In which it wasn't supposed to snow and we will soon have a new member of the family.....

Aw, man......just when you have plans, THIS happens.

This, according to the Weather Channel, is Maximus. Although they haven't exactly been forthcoming about it, I have it on good authority that this dude's first name is Gluteus.



"Oh wow. John-John, this is bad. Look!"

"What? Did you miss another tiny pig again?"

"No, this. Look. I have to go talk to Maddy. Where is she?"

"She's at the sewing machine. What is - Shel, wait! She didn't - we were - Shel!"

"Maddy! Maddy, listen, please, you've got to help someone!"

"Shel, calm down. What's going on?" Insanely enough, she was in the sewing/dining room working on a short-sleeved spring dress for me. We went through my clothes last night and realized that most of my dresses are winter dresses. Long sleeves don't cut it in a heatwave.

"It's Fawn, you remember Fawn, I don't know the whole story but she's got to leave and Maddy, please, we have to help her, you know what she went through ending up in that shop with nobody wanting her and now it's going to happen all over again and..."


"And she's like I was, she doesn't have anywhere to go and I know what it's like and...."


"We have to help her somehow and...."

"Sheldon Dean Baylor!" Maddy had to resort to John-John's tried-and-true method of putting her hand over his mouth for a moment. "Sweetie, calm down. Everything's fine. I talked to Wendy last night and it's all taken care of. If everything goes as planned, she'll be leaving for New York tomorrow. She should be here probably by the end of the week."

"Who will?"

"Fawn," I said.

He looked at us. "When did all this happen?"

"When you were in the other room yelling "Yes! Home run!" every time someone had the football." I pointed out. (Note: Shel is anything but stupid, which makes his occasional bouts of extreme cluelessness all the funnier.)


"Really, Shel. It's going to be fine. And for future reference, it's a touchdown." Even John-John, our resident Brit, knows that.


Yes, it's true - one of the residents of the Wylde Kingdom will be joining our little family! We were going to wait until she arrived to let everyone know, but we're all a little too excited. So we wanted to extend an early welcome to Fawn, who hopefully will arrive between all the snowstorms we're getting. (Today, Wednesday, and now we have to watch out for Sunday/next Monday. That groundhog wasn't kidding around, was he?)

Thanks, Wendy and Miri! 

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  1. Oh how exciting for you all having Fawn come to live with you. I am sure she will be made to feel very welcome and settle in very quickly.