Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In which Fawn arrives!

Yes, she's here! All the way from Colorado. And just in time, too, from the looks of the weather forecast. (We're not getting the ice storm, just snow and maybe some sleet.)

John-John in particular was anxious to meet her. He was made from a pattern that was apparently inspired by the BJDs like Fawn. As it turns out, they're about the same size. She's even going to be able to wear some of the clothes Maddy made for the larger dolls.

Meeting Zaphod.

Jasper, however, was feeling a bit antisocial this afternoon.


 Not all the introductions went as smoothly.

I think Cat is liking this turn of events, though.


And yours truly filling Fawn in on the hot music news. *Big grin*

Thank you again, Wendy and Miri! We already love having Fawn as part of our family!


  1. Welcome to Fawn - looks like she is going to settle in well.

  2. The picture of Fawn with Zaphod is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen.