Sunday, February 16, 2014

In which it's a quiet Sunday night....

"I remember this video. Miri looked it up on YouTube after you were talking about it."

"So what do you think?" It was the famous "Heaven" video, of course.

"Poor guys. I bet they really regretted it. It looks cold."

"I think everyone got sick after they filmed it. It took three days."

"The guitarist is the one you like so much?"

"Yeah, that's him right there," I said as we heard an all-too familiar rumble coming up the street.

"Oh please tell me that isn't a snowplow...." Maddy went to look out the back door. I can't repeat what her reaction was when she turned on the back light, since I'm trying to keep this somewhat PG. "We have almost two inches."

"I thought it wasn't supposed to snow," Fawn said.

"It wasn't. And I'm getting really tired of shoveling. This is five days in a row..."


This is our photo entry for this week - "Shadows."

And this was last week's - "Light Painting." I think I spent about forty-five minutes sitting on that glass macaw while Maddy tried to get the shot.


And just a shot of sleeping baby gerbils to close out the night....

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  1. Love seeing them cuddled up together all warm and cozy - and your light and shadows pictures are really clever and CooL - Sooo cute the tiny gerbil babies too :)