Monday, August 5, 2013

In which we kind of start to catch up on other stuff....

Well, after last week, things are getting a little more back to normal around here.

John is still working for the university, albeit remotely. I'm so psyched that he decided to stay. He's awesome. We still haven't found his friend Richard, though.

"Caroline? Would you like to see a picture of the Shoggoth the Paranormal Studies department is sponsoring?"

Now I really have heard everything. Although I suppose that big transparent gelatinous blobs need love, too....

Maddy measured him for new clothes over the weekend. She asked him if he was going to have the rest of his stuff sent down and, as it turned out, there was no rest of his stuff. Just the coat, other shirt and other pair of pants he had with him. She's taking care of that, though. He already has a new pair of jeans.

I also finally moved into my new apartment late last week. It's a bookcase Maddy moved into her room. I love the open sides (windows!) but we're going to put something over the open back. Maddy also said she's thinking of getting me the whale rug from Gail Wilson's site. I like the wood floor and don't want to cover it completely, but it's nice having something by the bed. And yes, the flowers are from John. He hasn't officially moved in with me - yet.

This is the other side of the room. The photo is of the original Hitty. The little hatbox is made of wire and beads. The two bitty Hittys were made by Sue Sizemore and the feathers are courtesy of Maddy's African ringneck parakeet, Dharma (nicked from the title of a Jack Kerouac book, she said.) and her budgie Syl (yes, as in Syl Sylvain.)

John and I were looking at wallpaper together. He thinks we should do the part above that back slat in one color - like wainscoting - and the bottom in something else. I like that idea. I mentioned that we also needed to paint the dresser and he looked at the sea chest and asked what we'd primed it with, since the paint didn't look all that smooth.

Primed? So far as I know, Maddy just, in her words, slobbed a bunch of acrylic paint all over it and sealed it (shut, at one point) with Ceramcoat.

I think we might have missed a step somewhere....

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